How to Buy the Right Tires Online

By Tire Agent Staff

November 18, 2018


Buying the right tires online can be fun and easy; you just need to know a few simple answers to key questions. Knowing your vehicle & what you use it for, the budget you want to spend, and the conditions where you live is all you need.

Knowing your vehicle

Cars and minivans require different tread designs than SUVs and light trucks even if they have the same tire size. This is an important factor in buying the right tires online. For example the tire size 235/55R17 fits a ford mustang and a BMW X3, but require different tread designs. You may notice the load index and/or speed rating may be different depending on the vehicle it fits. This is the number next to the size [ example: “103W” ]. Tires are not a one size fits all, so make sure you check the tire size. You can find your tire size on the sidewall of your tires, and/or it will be listed on the sticker inside your door jam on the inside of your driver side door.

Knowing your vehicle when buying the right tires online is more crucial than you think-- for instance, a hybrid. If you have a hybrid car, like a Toyota Prius, you’re going to want touring tires that are fuel efficient with low rolling resistance. The El Dorado Tourmax GFT could very well be a great fit if you are looking for a fuel efficient tire, and it is backed by a 60,000 treadwear mileage warranty in many sizes!

What you use your vehicle for

  • Cars and minivans

Performance Tires- Performance tires are used most often for achieving maximum cornering, braking and handling. Performance tires are common for those looking for fast and efficient acceleration and braking.

Touring Tires- Touring tires are specifically designed for comfortable, quiet rides and long tread life; and these tires are best for drivers going long distances.

Winter Tires- Winter tires provide superior traction and increased handling in snowy and harsh-weather conditions. They are the optimal choice during the winter season in areas with severe snow and ice.

  • SUVs & light trucks

Highway Tread Tires: Highway tread tires are best for those who drive on highways or local streets, want a tire that can handle light snow conditions, and areas with gravel.

All Terrain Tires: All terrain tires are designed for drivers doing standard highway and street driving with some off-roading. All terrain tires can be taken off the road, not only to beachy or rocky areas, but snowy and wet terrains as well. They are optimal for vehicles carrying heavier loads.

Mud Terrain Tires: Mud terrain tires, like the Mastercraft Courser MXT are designed for tough off road terrain and intended for regular use in mud, loose soil, sand, and slush. Mud terrain tires are used for extreme off-roading and intense, irregular landscapes.

Knowing your budget

There are tiers of tires that will fit most budgets. Whether you are looking for an economy, value, high quality, or premium name brand tire; there is one that fits the bill. For some, buying a premium name brand tire is important and well worth the price tag even if it’s above their budget. Luckily for those whose budget is limited there are alternative payment plan options to help people finance the tires they truly want without having to settle for less.

Affirm, Sezzle and Zibby are payment plan options offered at Tire Agent checkout to help our customers finance the tires that are right for them. For more information about the payment plans offered, Click Here

Your location

Buying the right tires online depends heavily on your location. The weather where you drive most often and the road conditions of your local streets and highways play a big part in choosing the right tires.

If you live in sunny, well-paved Kissimmee, Florida you’re not going to buy the same tires as your friend that lives in New York CIty where potholes are prevalent. Extreme performance summer tires like the Kumho Ecsta PS31 would work for the driver cruising on a sunny Florida highway. The Nexen N'FERA AU7 would be a better choice for someone facing the harsh New York City streets with it’s roadside assistance, road hazard protection, and a 50,000 treadwear mileage warranty combined with all season performance tread design. This will give that New Yorker a smooth performance drive without having to worry about the rough roads.