How to Buy Tires Online with Zibby

By Tire Agent Staff

March 07, 2019


Many people looking to purchase new tires don’t always have the ability to pay for their purchase in full, up front. With Zibby, you can buy tires online now, and pay later! With a super low $45 down payment at checkout, you can purchase tires online and pay the rest over 90 days, or even up to 12 months.

Zibby Features

Low Credit / No Credit approvals up to $3,500

Complete your purchase for only $45 down

90 days same as cash or up to 12 months for purchases below $2,000 and 18 months from $2,000 - $3,500

$200 minimum purchase, Flexible payment dates

Tire payment plans couldn’t get any easier! You will love Zibby because they are a payment plan that does not require credit, they have a fast 60 second application and you can payoff your balance when it works for you. When you buy tires online with Zibby, you can checkout with a simple $45 payment. If you live in California, the $45 is not required.

You might be wondering, what do I need to apply for Zibby?

-A valid mobile phone number that can receive SMS text

-A valid US address

-A valid Social Security or Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN)

-A valid email address

-A valid credit or debit card to make payments (no prepaid or gift cards)

-A valid photo ID showing you are 18 years of age or older

Applying for Zibby only requires a few simple steps!

1. Select the Zibby button on the checkout page

2. Enter a few pieces of information to verify your identity and payment information

3. Receive an instant decision

4. Review and submit your order and Tire Agent sends you your tires!

Payments: Your first payment is due at checkout. Then recurring payments are auto-withdrawn from the account used at checkout. You can also schedule payments by logging into your Zibby account.

Zibby rewards you for making your payments on time as well! Your limits will increase if you make your payments on time, giving you a higher limit for more tires and rims. When you finance tires online, Zibby is a great choice.

There is no penalty for paying your balance off early and your decision is given instantly! With no credit required to be approved, when you buy tires online, it just can’t get any easier than that!