Laufenn Tires | Tire Buying Guide

By Tire Agent Staff

March 08, 2019


Laufenn Tires, made by Hankook, offers affordable tires that have advanced and modern technology. With a selection including all season, high performance, all terrain, highway terrain tires and more, Laufenn Tire has an option for anyone! This Laufenn Tire Buying Guide breaks down each one so you can buy Laufenn tires online that are right for you!

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Category: All Season Tires & Performance Tires

Buy Laufenn S Fit AS online:

Price:  💲💲

Quality Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This ultra high performance tire is made for comfort, handling and long treadwear life. As an all season tire, it is designed for dry, wet and even snowy weather conditions. The asymmetric tread design allows for optimal fuel economy, saving you money at the gas pump. Stability is no problem in harsh weather conditions either. Streamlined kerfs and sipes aid in efficient water drainage and improved grip in winter weather. Advanced 3D vibration analysis technology make this tire predictable and reliable, while minimizing road noise. The center and shoulder tread is designed for uniform performance and enhanced braking.

Perfect for: This high performance tire is perfect for the person looking for a tire that has a long tread life and offers high quality performance without breaking the bank. With a quiet and smooth drive in all conditions, this tire has four wide, straight grooves for efficient water evacuation to keep you from hydroplaning. Getting you through all seasons without worry, this Laufenn tire is made for the person who wants performance and all season capability!undefined

Buy Laufenn G Fit AS online:  

Price:  💲

Quality Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This all season tire is perfect for anyone deciding between a performance tire and a touring tire, because you get the best of both worlds! With this tire you get long tread life, a smooth ride, and quiet drive. This all season tire is designed for all four seasons! With tie bars that connect the shoulder blocks to reinforce stiffness for maximum cornering grip, they also help reduce irregular wear. The belt edge tape design between the two tread belts helps to improve handling and performance at higher speeds. The specially designed rib helps to dampen road noise so you will have a comfortable and quiet ride in all weather conditions.

Perfect for: This tire is perfect for the person trying to decide whether they want a performance tire or a touring tire, because this tire brings the best of both worlds together! With improved handling and steering response through all seasons, this tire can handle it all!

Buy Laufenn X Fit HT online:

Price:  💲💲

Quality Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This highway terrain SUV and light truck tire offers exceptional on road comfort. This tire features road gripping and tight cornering abilities. The high stiffness center tread block is designed to prevent damage from stone drilling and external impacts. Zigzag bottom grooves increase vehicle traction in snowy and muddy conditions for maximum handling. The folded belt edge tape design improves handling performance at high speeds. Tthe unique optimized cap tread provides long mileage, braking performance, and prevents chips, cuts and abrasions.

Perfect for: The person looking for an all season tire that will be durable through various conditions. This highway tire has increased ride comfort for extended drives and offers maximum performance on pavement and local streets. This sturdy tire can handle harsh conditions as well, with a durable design to help prevent damage from external road conditions.

Category: All Terrain Tires

Buy Laufenn X Fit AT online:

Price:  💲💲

Quality Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This all terrain tire made for SUVs and light trucks is great for handling, braking and durability. Designed to resist external damage and improve traction, this tire has excellent grip in wet and snowy weather. Enhanced off-road traction is one of the many great features of this tire. With stone ejectors inside the tread block, stones debris are no issue. Four wide circumferential grooves for water drainage prevent hydroplaning in wet and slippery conditions. The wide tread design provides top-of-the-line grip during any season. A special rubber compound serves as a rim cushion where the tire meets the wheel to help protect from damage from external impacts when driving in harsh conditions.

Perfect for: The person looking for an all terrain tire that can handle on and off road conditions. Mud and snow are no problem for this tire with its stone ejectors and enhanced grip. Whether you are traveling to a sandy beach, areas with light gravel or snow, the Laufenn X Fit AT will keep you confident while driving on highways and local streets or on off-road surfaces! 

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