The DH2 is a specially engineered all weather touring tire. It is stylish and quiet on wet, cold, or dry roads.

    Performance All-Season

This tire offers handling and traction all year long, including light snow traction. The style and tread make it an attractive tire and the tread profile allow less rolling resistance for a smooth and quiet ride. In addition, drivers will experience above average handling at high speeds and while cornering. This tire is mainly designed for stability in all-weather but it has a few sporty features as well.

Included benefits

  • Mileage
  • Road


  • All Season


Asymmetrical Tread

A five pitch tread pattern gives better wet and dry grip while extending the tires life.

Wet Performance

Four longitudinal grooves in this tire push away water and reduce hydroplaning.

Heat Resistance

Heat resisting bars in the shoulder help cool the tire off, resulting in less wear and better performance throughout its life.

Quiet Ride

3D Shoulder grooves reduce noise while driving.