The Landsail LS588 is a highly fuel efficient tire that offers a smooth ride and excellent stability.

    Touring All Season

This touring tire is best suited for every day road use. It is designed to produce a low amount of resistance when in contact with pavement which improves fuel efficiency, reduces road noise and treadwear. Its all-season rating means it provides a good balance of performance and traction with wet, dry (Spring, Summer, Autumn weather) and cold (Winter) weather conditions such as snow and ice. This tire features a year-round tread compound that can maintain good stability in hot, cold, and mild weather.

Included benefits

  • Fuel


  • All Season


Fuel Economy

A special tread compound reduces rolling resistance and saves on gasoline.

Reduce Hydroplaning

Four longitudinal grooves evacuate water for better handling on wet roads.

Solid Center Rib

Improves straight-line stability and high speed performance.

Quiet Ride

Tread width and alignment is optimized to reduce vibration, resulting in a quieter and smoother ride.