The MS932 XP is an ultra-high performance sports car tire. It offers excellent traction on dry and wet roads and is capable of handling winter conditions as well.

    Ultra-High Performance All-Season

Ultra-high performance means that this tire is designed with exceptional braking, accelerating, and cornering capabilities. These assets are important for aggressive drivers of sports sedans and coupes. This tire remains stiff, especially on the sidewalls, so it can keep its shape while cornering (which applies uneven pressure to the tire) and maintain maximum tread to pavement contact. This reduces slipping and uneven wear. Added sipes and deep tread voids allow this tire to be used year-round through snow, ice, and water.


  • All Season


Inner Treads

Inner treads improve wet and snowy performance while outer treads improve dry performance.

Angled Sipes

Angled sipes provides tiny gripping surfaces to improve traction on water, snow, and ice.

Shoulder Treads

Open shoulder tread blocks improves water evacuation for better traction on wet surfaces.

Reduce Hydroplaning

Good water clearance between circumferential grooves.