Ice Blazer WST1

The Ice Blazer WST1 is a stud-able tire specifically designed to provide maximum traction during severe weather conditions.

    Stud-able Winter - Does not come with studs

This winter tire contains a soft rubber compound. As the temperature drops, the treads stiffen to provide optimal grip. Treads that are too stiff in cold weather are more likely to slip and treads that are too soft will wear quicker. Optional studs can be added to the pre-pinned holes in the tread for improved traction on ice while needed. In addition, this tire has sipes and grooves that increase snow traction and allow the tread blocks to flex while braking.


  • Winter


V-Shaped Treads

V-Shaped treads channels snow, slush, and water for optimal winter grip.

Multi-Directional Sipes

Multiples sipes further increase traction and acceleration during the winter.

Lateral Grooves

Lateral grooves flush water away from the center of the tire which increases performance in wet conditions.

Tread Compound

A special tread compound allows this tire to handle snow and rain with ease.