Ice Blazer WST2 LT

The Ice Blazer WSL2 LT is a truck tire specifically meant for snowy weather conditions. The unique design of this tire contains thousands of biting edges and perfectly optimized tread compound for cold weather.

    Stud-able Winter - Does not come with studs

This winter tire contains a soft rubber compound. As the temperature drops, the treads stiffen to provide optimal grip. Treads that are too stiff in cold weather are more likely to slip and treads that are too soft will wear quicker. Optional studs can be added to the pre-pinned holes in the tread for improved traction on ice while needed. In addition, this tire has sipes and grooves that increase snow traction and allow the tread blocks to flex while braking.


  • Winter


ZigZag Sipes

Increases directional grip and provides excellent show traction.

Angled Grooves

Help evacuate slush and moisture from the treads to provide better grip.

Variable Pitch Treads

Treads with variable pitches reduce road noise and offer a smoother ride.

Reduce Hydroplaning

Good water clearance between circumferential grooves.