Kanati Mud Hog

The Kanati Mud Hog is an extreme off-road radial tire. The huge tread blocks separated by thick, deep, grooves allow this tire to climb over any obstacle.


This off-road tire comes equipped with flexible, yet, highly durable tread blocks which are separated by deep grooves. The deep grooves and sipes increase the longevity of the tire, which is meant to spend most of its time rolling over harsh terrain. The flexible treads allow the tire to conform to surfaces which increases traction and climbing ability. Reinforced sidewalls offer protection from stone drilling and punctures.


  • All Season


Bead Layer

A reinforced bead layer adds durability to this tire.


An extra durable casing reduces the chance of punctures and abrasions.

Tread Compound

Improves control and traction on off-road terrain.

Multiple Sipes

Improves traction in colder weather and on wet surfaces.

Tread Design

Deep lugs, treaded shoulders, and staggered blocks greatly increase this tire's off-road ability.