Trail Climber

The Summit Trail Climber is an SUV and light truck tire for all-terrain driving. It contains deep treads and large, tough, tread blocks.

    All-Terrain Standard

“As an all-terrain tire, drivers will experience stiff treads wrapped around a stiff and durable carcass. The sidewalls of this tire are reinforced in order to block rocks or other debris from cutting or chipping away at the tire. Deeper grooves between tread blocks further increase grip on off-road conditions. However, these treads are staggered and constructed in such a way that they do not create excessive vibration while rolling on flat surfaces, such as roads. This allows the tire to drive on roads without wearing out or agitating the driver.


  • All Season


Five-Rib Design

Allows more even treadwear which extends the life of the tire.

Alternating Treads

Alternating treads reduce friction on the roads which reduces road noise.

Sidewall Design

A rigid sidewall improves handling and overall stability.

Reduce Hydroplaning

Good water clearance between circumferential grooves.

Multiple Sipes

Improve traction and performance on wet terrain.