Proxes T1 Sport (Section Width 285 or greater)

In response to the interest of extreme driving in both wet and dry conditions, Proxes T1 Sport is remarkably steady, even at quick highway speeds. Made for European conditions and vehicles, the tire supplements the treatment of the loftiest sports cars. Toyo Tires' center business is the improvement, creation and promoting of great, superior tires. The multi-faceted scope of items incorporates summer and winter tires for autos, 4x4s and SUVs and additionally tires for business and Heavy Goods Vehicles.

    Summer Extreme Performance

This summer extreme performance tire provides extremely high levels of steering response an tire to driver feedback. This is due to a unique construction that keeps the tire stiff and sends vibrations up to the driver. Drivers using this tire will experience outstanding grip on dry pavement and superior cornering performance. In exchange this tire is a bit noisy, stiff, and lacks the longer tread life of standard summer tires.


  • Summer


Cornering Performance

A large contact area provides better cornering through larger tread to pavement contact.

Reduce Hydroplaning

Circumferential grooves push away water and reduces hydroplaning.

Wide Outer Blocks

Blocks maintain a large amount of tread to pavement contact which improves handling and responsiveness.

Wide Center Rib

A wide center rib improves handling and responsiveness.

Inner Rib & Notch

Solid inner ribs improve braking and improves wear life.