Galaxy F1

The Galaxy F1 is a Chinese manufactured radial tire for passenger cars.

    Passenger All Season

As passenger vehicles spend most of their time on the highway and driving in the city, this tire is built specifically for those conditions. Users of this tire low rolling resistance which leads to a longer life, better gas mileage, less vibration and a low amount of road noise. Its all-season rating means it provides a good balance of performance and traction with wet, dry (Spring, Summer, Autumn weather) and cold (Winter) weather conditions such as snow and ice. This tire features a year-round tread compound that can maintain good stability in hot, cold, and mild weather.


  • All Season


Reduce Hydroplaning

Good water clearance between circumferential grooves.

Lateral Grooves

Lateral grooves water away from the tire and reduces hydroplaning.

Five-Rib Design

A five rib design provides extra tread to ground contact which results in better handling and traction than a four-rib tire.

Radial Ply Cords

Radial ply cords offer good stability and wear life.