Catchfors M/T

The CatchFors M/T is a deep treaded mud-terrain tire with excellent braking capabilities and features that allow it to perform in year-round weather conditions.


This mud-terrain tire is a fiend for tough off-road terrain. The build of this tire is intended for regular use in mud, loose soil, sand, and slush. Its extra durable treads and carcass prevent stone drilling, cuts, and chips from jagged off-road obstacles. Hugh treads clear out mud, gravel, and other unwanted materials which allows the tire to maintain better contact with solid ground and gain traction. In exchanged, this tire will provide a very uncomfortable ride on even pavement and will have less-than optimal handling and steering response. However, for those who spend most of their time driving off-road in uncertain terrain, this tire deserves a look.


  • All Season


ZigZag Grooves

ZigZag grooves in the center of the tire improve traction in all weather conditions.

High Void Ratio

A high void ratio mean wide grooves between tread blocks. This provides maximum hydroplane resistance and self-cleaning abilities.

Multiple Sipes

Multiples sipes further increase traction and acceleration.

Jointless Nylon Band

A jointless nylon band improves casing strength which improves safety and reliability.