The LH-ELEVEN tire is an ultra-high performance tire with technology that focuses on traction, cornering, and braking at high speeds. This tire offers a unique set of features that allow it to handle all weather conditions without sacrificing any sporty features.


  • All Season
Prices Starting At $119.08



The treads and sidewalls of this tire pair together in a way that increases traction and control in all weather conditions.

Damage Resistant

This tire is built with chip and abrasion resistance which helps this tire go the extra mile.

Tread Compound

The tread compound allow this tire to remain flexible in cold weather without wearing out too quickly in hot, summer, weather.


This tire is constructed to handle sever cornering and remain stable.

Reduce Hydroplaning

Good water clearance between circumferential grooves.

Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
225/30ZR22 N/A Not Defined LHS112230010 $476.32 set of 4 $119.08 ea
235/30ZR22 N/A Not Defined LHS112230020 $497.48 set of 4 $124.37 ea
245/30ZR22 N/A Not Defined LHS112230030 $499.36 set of 4 $124.84 ea
285/35R22 N/A Not Defined LHS112235010 $809.12 set of 4 $202.28 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
255/25ZR24 N/A Not Defined LHS112425010 $900.80 set of 4 $225.20 ea
275/23ZR24 N/A Not Defined LHS112430010 $916.84 set of 4 $229.21 ea