What You Need to Know About Tire Tread Patterns

by Tire Agent Staff

Tire tread patterns aren't there just for looks. Those ribs, grooves, sipes and blocks have important jobs. Here are 4 tread patterns you should know.


All-Season Vs All-Weather Tires: What’s The Difference, Really?

by Tire Agent Staff

All season vs all weather tires -- what's the difference, really? More importantly, which should you buy? The answer depends on a few things, which Tire Agent explains.


Cracking DOT Tire Codes: Find Where and When Your Tires Were Made

by Tire Agent Staff

The 2 most important codes on a tire tell you where it was made and when. Here's how to find the codes and look them up.


What Causes Dry Rotting Tires? Are Tires With Dry Rot Safe?

by Tire Agent Staff

What is dry rot in tires and how can you prevent it? Is it OK to drive on tires with dry rot (NO!), and what does sidewall weathering (aka dry rot) look like?


Tire Wear Bar Indicators: What Tread Markers on Tires Mean

by Tire Agent Staff

What do tire wear bars mean, where can you find them, and how safe is it to drive when your wear bars are showing?


How Often Should You Replace Your Tires?

by Tire Agent Staff

How do you know when it's time to replace tires? How long do tires last? Where is the manufacture date on the tire? Answers to these questions and more...

Stop! Don’t Buy Your Next Set of Tires Without Reading This First!

by Tire Agent Staff

Stop! Don’t Buy Your Next Set of Tires Without Reading This First! Typically, buying a new set of tires is something most people do not enjoy. Not only is the cost of tires high but the actual buying process is often frustrating and stressful. But what if we told you ...

7 Reasons Why Tire Agent is the Easiest Way to Buy Replacement Tires!

by Tire Agent Staff

There are a number of reasons why most people dread having to buy replacement tires for their vehicle. For example, replacement tires can be expensive. Another reason is that the sales process can involve pushy salespeople and lots of stress. But Tire Agent is quickly revolutionizing the marketplace and making ...


Tire Agent and GoMobile Combine Online Tire Sales With On-Site Service

by jesse allouf

Tire Agent and GoMobile Tires Announce Relationship to Launch Mobile Installation New York, NY — November 8, 2021 — Tire Agent, a fast-growing, technology-driven tire retailer has entered into a strategic relationship with GoMobile Tires to launch mobile tire installation in multiple key markets starting in Q1 2022. Tire Agent ...


Guide to Tire Temperature Ratings

by Tire Agent Staff

Review our insider’s guide to tire temperature ratings from Tire Agent, your online tire shop where shipping is always FREE and financing is EASY.