Tire Manufacturer Warranties

Treadlife/Mileage Warranty


This warranty means that you'll get a certain number of miles out of your tires before they wear out. This estimate is based on the type of tire and number of miles expected under normal driving conditions.

Requirements to Qualify:
  1. - Must be installed by a licensed automotive repair facility
  2. - Customer must get tire rotations every 3,000 - 5,000 miles
  3. - Customer must keep documentation of the tire rotations
  4. - Tire must be worn down to 2/32nds of tread

Road Hazard Warranty


Manufacturers will cover the cost of a new tire purchased if the damaged tire is non-repairable due to a road hazard. You must file a claim with the manufacturer and purchase a new tire from our website.

  1. - Does not cover flat fix repair or tire installation
  2. - Usually only covers 1 year

Roadside Assistance Warranty


Most tire manufacturers will provide a service that will rescue you if your car leaves you stranded (locked out, run out of gas, etc).

Requirements to Qualify:
  1. - Customer must register their tire(s) with the tire manufacturer after they purchase them from us

How Warranties Work

How to Start the Warranty Claims Process

Fill Out the Warranty Form
Return the Damaged Tire(s)

If your tire qualifies for a manufacturer warranty, we will facilitate the claim by sending your damaged tire to the manufacturer for a final determination.

Manufacturer Investigation

If applicable

Manufacturer receives the tire(s) and begins their investigation. The manufacturer will inspect the tire to determine if the tire is a manufacturer defect or not.

Receive Credit Back

If determined a manufacturer defect

Once the manufacturer gives us a verdict (4 - 6 weeks), we will give credit back based on the approval of the manufacturer.

For road hazard and tread life warranty, a new tire must be purchased in order to receive credit back.

Allstate® Tire Road Hazard Protection

Separate from tire manufacturer warranties

Available for purchase at checkout

We’re proud to offer Allstate® Tire Road Hazard Protection, available for purchase at checkout.
Flat Repair (any local licensed repair facility)
Tire Replacement & Installation
No Deductible