The Yokohama ADVAN Sport Z.P.S. is a summer tire with excellent wet and dry traction. It also offers RunFlat technology which allows it to run for fifty miles when flat.

    Summer Performance

This summer performance tire has treads with added stiffness and rigidity which reduces wear in warm conditions while offering enough bite to improve acceleration and braking. This tire is intended for dry and wet pavement; therefore, it offers a series of water evacuating features that work together to keep maximum rubber on the road. The tire construction is stiff, especially on the sidewalls, in order to maintain its shape while cornering (which applies uneven pressure to the tire) and maintain maximum tread to pavement contact.

Included benefits

  • Runflat


  • Summer
Prices Starting At $214.56


Outboard Shoulder

Improves handling and reduces road noise.

Nanotech Tread Compound

Nano particles in the tread compound offer more flex which increases surface area and traction without sacrificing durability.

Reduce Hydroplaning

Four circumferential grooves push away water and reduce hydroplaning


This tread design relieves stress and improves handling and allows more even wear.

RunFlat Technology

RunFlat technology is built from a combined effort of four high-tech features. First, a supportive bead filler enhances firmness when pressure is low. Reinforced sidewalls and a low heat generating compound improve strength when the tire is low on pressure. An exclusive contour improves stability. Finally, a bead wire ensures a perfect fit and seal when the tire is flat.

Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
195/55RF16 87V 180 AA A Blackwall 11301 $858.24 set of 4 $214.56 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
205/45RF17 84V 180 AA A Blackwall 11304 $1011.76 set of 4 $252.94 ea
225/45RF17 91Y 180 AA A Blackwall 11305 $1090.96 set of 4 $272.74 ea
245/45RF17 95Y 180 AA A Blackwall 10196 $1212.92 set of 4 $303.23 ea
255/40RF17 94Y 180 AA A Blackwall 11306 $1325.80 set of 4 $331.45 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
275/35RF18 95Y 180 AA A Blackwall 10198 $1738.88 set of 4 $434.72 ea