By Tire Agent Staff

December 22, 2020

Some of the best all terrain tires for your Dodge Ram 1500 are within your grasp. If you, like many other truck owners, find yourself taking the path less traveled, you need a durable set of tires that can weather any terrain. Your stock tires are great for daily driving along city roads or on the freeway, but what about what you want to get to that favorite camping or hunting spot? Those traditional highway tires will not be able to withstand the more rugged terrains. 

All Terrain Tire Options:

Open Country A/T III by Toyo

Open Country AT III by  Toyo.jpg

You need a versatile and rugged, yet not extreme tire. One that can run on both the even surfaces and the rough. That is where the Open Country A/T III by  Toyo comes in. This rugged all terrain tire features a new and improved aggressive deep tread design that enhances your braking and handling and provides excellent traction in all weather conditions. Whether off road or on road, your new all terrain tires will grip surfaces like a champ. They also feature blocks that will eject those pesky stones from the lateral grooves of your tires and the shoulder lugs are staggered for enhanced traction and stability . This enables you to get maximum traction in all weather conditions. 

Roadian AT Pro RA8 by Nexen

Roadian AT Pro RA8 tire by Nexen.jpg

Another great option would be the Roadian AT Pro RA8 tire by Nexen. This unique All terrain tire features a signature zig zag sipe design and the outside shoulder is open to enhance your off road experiences without compromising your on road comfort. If you want to keep stones and pebbles out of your treads, thus enhancing your ability to extract mud while driving, the sipe-in-grooves will definitely come in handy. Another great feature of these 3-Peak Mountain snowflake certified all terrain tires, is their tread boasts a multi-sequence design. This is important for wear and tear, as well as drainage performance. Your overall driving experience will be better optimized, as will your noise quality and ride comfort.  

Terra Grappler G2 by Nitto

Nitto Terra Grappler G2.jpg

Last, but definitely not least, comes a beast of a tire that is every bit as rugged as it looks. A perfect versatile blend of all terrain toughness and comfort. The features of these all terrain truck tires include reinforced coupling joints which enhance the structural rigidity of the edges between the outer tread blocks and the center ones. The sipes are full depth which aid in the tread appearance even as it wears. Two other great features are the staggered shoulder lugs, which give you an even greater advantage when it comes to traction, and the upgraded dual sidewall design which add to the rugged look of these tires. 

Why All Terrain?:

If you are wondering what sets an all-terrain tire apart, well here is your answer. All terrain tires, like those from Toyo, Nitto, and Nexen, proudly boast more robust sidewalls, a higher class of durable construction, and uniquely designed tread blocks and sipes. Most importantly, they are purposefully engineered to handle all terrains – including mud, dirt, grass, gravel, and pavement. Even more beneficial is their handling. All terrain tires are designed to carefully balance the differences in driving terrain, so that when you are driving on your Dodge Ram 1500 all terrain tires, you will not feel an extreme difference when you go from off-road to on-road, as you would with mud-terrain tires. 

All Terrain Ready?

Become ready for whatever adventures await you and your Dodge. Life is too short to let the opportunities pass you by. Your Dodge was made for going off the beaten path. Why hold it back from its true potential? If you’re worried about how much these will set you back, don’t be! When it comes to cost, these all terrain tires are a great value for the money. You get premium quality at affordable prices. With our flexible and budget friendly payment plans, and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you, why put off your dream tires? Transform your truck and the way you drive with a set of high quality, durable, all terrain truck tires today!