DODGE RAM 1500 TIRES GUIDE: All Terrain, All Season & Highway

By Tire Agent Staff

December 22, 2020

(Updated August 2021)

In this blog post, we offer advice for finding three types of tires for a Dodge Ram 1500, years 2001 to 2019. If you're looking for all terrain tires for Dodge Ram 1500, mud tires or off road tires for Ram 1500, or all season Ram 1500 tires, you'll find this article helpful. We also included two "highway terrain" tires, which might be less familiar to SUV and light truck owners. 

Before we dive in, though, if you are looking to simply replace the tires on your Dodge Ram 1500, and you want the same make and model of tire that came installed on your truck, select the "Shop By Vehicle" option at the top of this page and complete make, year, model, and trim fields. Our tire matching technology will recommend the best tires for your Dodge Ram 1500.

On the other hand, if you are looking to upgrade your Dodge Ram 1500 tires -- let's say you want to do more off roading or you want to improve the overall performance of your truck -- and you need a little help selecting the best tire for your Ram, read on. We have recommendations for the best tires for Dodge Ram 1500 all-terrain, off-road tires, and mud tires. Then, hop over to our tire selection tool for the best selection of Ram 1500 tires for sale online.

Dodge Ram 1500 Tire Sizes

Tire sizes for the Dodge Ram depend on the generation and trim, typically ranging from 18 to 22 inches. Your budget and usage will determine if you should upgrade your tire size, as well as whether you want to change the tread type. Do you need to change the size of your rims? Not necessarily; as long as the middle of the tire is the correct size, you can change the overall size of your tire. Again, our tire selection tool will help you determine the size of tire for your Ram 1500 truck. 

All-Terrain, All-Season and 'Highway' Tires for Ram 1500

All terrain tires for Dodge Ram 1500

The following tires are among the best all terrain tires for Ram 1500. They are also our recommendations for the best off road tires for your Ram pickup.

Toyo Open Country A/T III: Maximum traction, enhanced stability

Dodge Ram 1500 owners who want a versatile and rugged, yet not extreme tire that can run on even and rough surfaces should look at Open Country A/T III by Toyo. This rugged all terrain tire features an aggressive deep tread design that enhances braking and handling and provides excellent traction in all types of terrain. Whether off road or on road, Toyo's Open Country A/T will grip surfaces with confidence. These truck tires feature blocks that eject pesky stones from the lateral grooves of your tires, and the shoulder lugs are staggered for enhanced traction and stability. This gives you maximum traction in all weather and road conditions.

Open Country AT III by  Toyo.jpg

Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8: Off-road comfort

Another great option for Ram 1500's all-terrain tire is Roadian AT Pro RA8 by Nexen. This unique all-terrain tire features a signature zig-zag sipe design to enhance your off road experiences without compromising your on road comfort. Also considered a mud tire for Ram 1500s, the Roadian AT Pro RA8's sipe-in-grooves will keep stones and pebbles out of your treads, which enhances mud-extracting abilities. Another great feature of these 3-peak mountain snowflake certified all terrain tires is the tread boasts a multi-sequence design. This is important for wear and tear, as well as drainage. Your overall driving experience will be better optimized, as will your noise quality and ride comfort.

Roadian AT Pro RA8 tire by Nexen.jpg

Nitto Terra Grappler G1: Rugged dual-sidewall design

Last, but definitely not least, comes a beast of a tire that is every bit as rugged as it looks. The Terra Grappler G2 by Nitto is a perfect versatile blend of all terrain toughness and comfort. The features of these all terrain truck tires include reinforced coupling joints that enhance the structural rigidity of the edges between the outer tread blocks and the center ones. The sipes are full depth, which aid in the tread appearance even as it wears. Two other great features are the staggered shoulder lugs, which give you even greater traction, and the upgraded dual sidewall design, which adds to the rugged look of these tires.

Nitto Terra Grappler G2.jpg

Highway Terrian Tires for Dodge Ram 1500

If you're less into off-roading with your 1500 and more into logging lots of highway miles, the following tires are among the best options for your Ram 1500.

Nexen Rodian HTX RH5: Increased traction and acceleration

Ram 1500 owners might like the Roadian HTX RH5 by Roadian HTX RH5 by Nexen, especially for increased hydroplaning control and increased traction and acceleration capabilities. This tire has an interesting groove system that pushes water away to reduce hydroplaning, paired with multiple sipes that increase traction and acceleration. Expect it to handle winding roads well as the reinforced shoulder block of this tire offers nice cornering and handling. The tire also gets high marks for the Dodge Ram 1500's noise reduction.

Toyo Country H/T II: Longer tread life

If you're looking to save a few bucks on highway tires for your Dodge Ram 1500, try Open Country H/T II by Toyo. Toyo offers a cool double-sided feature on this tire, intended to serve SUV owners and light trucks. Off-road drivers might prefer the sport side of the tire, while utility drivers might prefer a more classic look. Overall, the Open Country H/T II provides better wet braking and handling, more consistent performance throughout the life of the tire, and a longer tread life.

All Season Tires for Dodge Ram 1500 Trucks

We have two recommendations for all-season tires for your Ram 1500, both of which are good options for a variety of climate conditions.

Cooper Evolution H/T: Performance in a variety of weather

If weather performance is a priority over terrain, then check out the mid-grade Evolution H/T by Cooper. This all-season tire is perfect for drivers who log more highway miles than off-road miles, and those who need performance no matter what the weather conditions. You'll get a mix of superior handling and luxury with this low-profile and wide footprint that maximizes rolling resistance. The Evolution H/T also improves your 1500's fuel efficiency, reduces road noise and offers a smooth ride. As with all all-season tires, you're getting a good tire that performs in snow, ice, rain, dry heat, and cold temperatures. 

Hankook Dynapro HT RH12: Reduced hydroplaning

Worth noting is the Dynapro HT RH12 by Hankook. The stiff center block offers good steering response and traction in snow. The four circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning risk.

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