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When Is The Best Time To Buy New Tires?

By Tire Agent Staff

May 16, 2023

best time to buy new tires

Life would be so much easier if we were given a manual at birth explaining things. Wouldn't having a guide walking you through the necessary steps in life be grand? You could flip to page 175 for instructions on finding the right career path. Turn to page 233 for the perfect bearnaise sauce recipe.

Unfortunately, we must learn many things independently as we go through life's journey. That's why you turn to specialists for assistance. While we can't help you with a tasty French sauce to flavor your steak, we can guide you through vital facts like when to get new tires.

Many people wait to buy tires until it's too late and possibly experience a blowout. But that's dangerous. There are more signs it's time for a tire upgrade than just a blowout. Tap here for our article describing symptoms you have bad tires. If you have time to plan, there are ways to save money. Let's discuss the best time to buy new tires and other keys to getting the deals.

The Real Best Time To Buy Tires: Before You Need Them

You never want to experience a tire blowout. It puts you, your passengers and anyone else on the road in danger. One thing to watch for to stay as safe as possible is tread depth.

We never recommend driving on unsafe tires or tires you know to be beyond the recommended mileage or tread depth. Don't know how to check for tire tread depth? Tap here for three DIY tire tread tests.

Now we'll give you some buying tips to help you find the best deals.

Best Time to Find Tire Sales

When purchasing new car tires, timing can play a significant role in securing the best deals. You might ask, "When do car tires go on sale?" and "What time of year is the best to buy new tires?" Here are some suggestions.

Car tires typically go on sale during specific periods of the year, aligning with seasonal changes and related factors. Here's a breakdown of the best times to keep in mind.

Seasonal tire sales: Spring and fall tire deals

Spring and fall are excellent times to find deals on tires. Many retailers offer promotions and discounts during these seasons to encourage you to switch from winter to all-season or summer tires and vice versa. Tire retailers aim to clear out old inventory as temperatures shift, making way for new models.

End-of-the-year tire sales

The end of the year, particularly during the holiday season, often brings about tire sales. Many retailers and tire manufacturers offer special promotions, rebate programs or bundled deals during this time to boost sales. It's worth watching for Black Friday tire sales and Cyber Monday tire deals, as they often include significant savings on automotive products, including tires.

Discounts and promotions on tires throughout the year

Tire Agent offers many deals throughout the year to help you save money on tires. The best way to know when deals are happening is to watch Tire Agent's deals page for manufacturer rebates, coupons, sales and other discounts. You can check it out and bookmark the page here.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tires

While timing plays a crucial role in finding the best deals, it's important to consider other factors when purchasing car tires. Here are a few.

Tread and safety

Prioritize your safety and that of your passengers by regularly inspecting your tire tread depth. If your tires are nearing the wear indicator or have shallow tread, it's essential to replace them regardless of the time of year. Safety should always take precedence over waiting for a sale.

Weather conditions

Consider the climate and driving conditions in your area. Investing in winter tires before the cold season arrives is a good idea if you live in a place with severe winters. Similarly, switching to summer tires can enhance your vehicle's performance and safety if you live in a region with scorching summers.

Research and tire price comparison

While timing can influence pricing, conducting thorough research and comparing prices is easy using online resources like Tire Agent. Consider the brand's reputation, tire performance ratings and warranty coverage while comparing prices.

Pro tip: Don't just buy one tire at a time. When it's time for a tire upgrade, buy four new tires simultaneously. This way, your tires will wear at the same rate and you won't be surprised when an unreplaced tire has a blowout. Tire rotations are also crucial to equal wear rates. But we get it, the price of one tire versus a full set is, well, four times more. That's why Tire Agent provides access to several payment plans, which you can learn about on our Financing Options for Tires and Wheels page


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