Not All Performance Tires Are Made the Same. Which Type is Right for You?

By Tire Agent Staff

April 24, 2019

undefinedPerformance tires are designed for superior handling, cornering and braking ability. They are made specifically for maximum efficiency when it comes to on-pavement driving. Performance tires aren’t just for sports vehicles, though. They are designed for passenger cars, crossovers, SUVs, and even light truck applications.

Performance tires do not all fall into the same category. They break down into subcategories, designed for more specific use. All Season Performance, Summer Performance, Touring Performance, and Summer Ultra High Performance Tires are engineered for maximum achievement under different circumstances. Knowing which type is right for you is key when it comes to turning the ignition and hitting the road.

Understanding each type of performance tire is important. You’ll need to know the difference between them so you can make the right choice based on your specific needs when you buy tires online.

All Season Performance Tires

All season tires are the swiss army knife of the tire world, capable of performing in various weather conditions. All season performance tires take the qualities of a performance tire (braking, accelerating and cornering) and combine them with all season driving ability. These tires are made to hit the streets with confidence, whether it’s dry, wet, or even lightly snowy. 

If your Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Toyota needs to get to work and back safely through the winter months, you may want to consider an all season performance tire to keep your confidence high while your driving habits remain fast and furious.undefined

The Ohtsu FP7000 is a tire designed for excellent dry and wet traction, quick steering response, cornering grip and tire stability and is a good value at a lower cost than some other all season tires. As the first performance tire produced by Ohtsu, it’s remained one of the most sought after models. The sister brand to Falken Tires, Ohtsu has been producing quality, yet affordable tires for over 30 years.

Another all season performance tire with a notable reputation is the Toyo Extensa HP II. With all season handling ability, this tire provides a smooth on-pavement drive as well. The unidirectional tread design isn’t just for looks, it is engineered for all season traction. With block stiffness made possible by the single-cut and double-cut tapers, this tire will not lose its ability for hard braking when you feel the need for speed. It’s also made with a special silica compound to improve wet performance and increase wear, providing a longer lasting tire suitable for those looking to get the most for their money.


A well known brand, Cooper, has engineered the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1. One of their most advanced models, this all season performance tire is designed for superior performance for the year round driver. With exceptional grip and handling, enhanced stability and durability, and even light snow capability, it’s hard to ignore.

Cooper’s Wear Square® Indicator is a visual wear indicator allowing you to see the approximate tread life remaining on your tires. Once worn down, you know it’s time for a new set. For those who are cautious, this tire makes it simple and easy to know exactly how much life is left. Cooper has also engineered and instituted special 3D Micro-Gauge™ Siping which helps the tires maintain their shape while accelerating, braking and cornering. This  enhances grip and traction, giving you the complete all season performance tire made to live up to its name.

Summer Performance Tires

Summer performance tires are not only made for maximum handling, braking and cornering, but they are designed to stick to the road during dry, and wet summer weather. Usually made of a stickier compound, summer performance tires will have you glued to the road, with the highest level of hydroplane resistance. Florida, Texas and summer lovin’ East Coasters, look out for these hot summer performance tires that will give you the ultimate summer driving experience.undefined

Built specifically for North American driving, the Nokian zLINE is an exceptional summer performance tire. Made in Finland, tire manufacturer Nokian has been climbing (or better yet, driving) its way to the top. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of many drivers, this summer performance tire has top qualities. Extreme safety on wet roads, maintaining precise handling at high speeds, and designed for powerful vehicles, this tire has it all. The stable, precise, and quiet drive is sure to keep you steady on the summer roads ahead.

Designed for performance vehicles like the Audi A4, Ford Mustang and Subaru BRZ, the Kumho Ecsta PS31 gives the summer driver high quality with a decent price tag. With four wide circumferential grooves that improve hydroplaning resistance, you won’t be left out in the rain with this rubber. The wide lateral grooves maximize water displacement when cornering and prevent irregular wear due to the 0–10 degree angle range.

Kumho’s 3D dimple design tread pattern minimizes heat build-up on tread blocks which enhancing high-speed durability. It’s pretty clear why this tire stands out in the summer performance tire category.

The BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 has unmatched performance compared to competitors. Built for faster acceleration, shorter braking and harder cornering, this tire is a premium summer performance choice. This BFGoodrich tire is made with a special Sport Tread Design. The g-Force Sport tread pattern provides proven stability and maximum cornering power. BFG’s innovative g-Hooks provide biting edges for grip at any cornering angle.

This tire is proof that summer performance tires are made to be put to the test. Featuring a Performance Racing Core (PRC) the internal structure of the tire is reinforced and delivers increased responsiveness, control and durability, as well as serious control in hard cornering.

Touring Performance Tires

Designed differently than performance tires, touring tires are made to provide a quiet and comfortable drive and provide a long tread life. Literally engineered for “touring” and long distance driving, these tires are less about performance and more about comfort. Like most things, though, there’s a tire that combines the best of both worlds.

Touring performance tires take the best qualities of both touring and performance tires, resulting in a comfortable and quiet tire, with braking and cornering capability as well.


The Michelin Premier A/S is a premier example of a touring performance tire. You’ll enjoy a sincerely quiet and comfortable drive combined with short stopping capability provided by Michelin’s EverGrip wet-braking technology. Scoring a 10/10 for both braking and ride comfort, this tire provides exceptional performance all around.

If you want to get a fuel efficient tire, the Kenda Vezda ECO (KR30) is a touring performance tire that will save you money at the gas pump as well. Engineered for high performance touring vehicles, this tire features a silica tread compound and design pattern that will give you an ultra-quiet drive. The full depth siping optimizes water evacuation and improves handling in inclement weather, too.

Summer Ultra High Performance

Summer UHP (ultra high performance) tires are designed for maximum performance on the street and even on the track. Superior traction and significantly improved dry grip are the features and benefits of these specific tires. Your performance vehicle is sure to excel when driving on a set of summer ultra high performance tires.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 has an asymmetric tread pattern that provides increased traction during cornering and improve wet performance as well. This tire is tuned for high performance suspension systems to compliment your sports vehicle. With a grip booting tread compound, you’ll experience superior on-grip and on-center feel when accelerating.

Summer ultra high performance tires are designed with the performance driver in mind. You’ll experienced increased handling and wet braking ability with tires like Nitto's NT555 G2. The tread compound is made with an advanced bonding agent that increases the interaction of all compound elements. This provides high stiffness and rigidity, resulting in better handling in dry and wet weather.  


The Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 is a tire inspired by racing. For the extreme racing enthusiast, this tire provides the ultimate sports performance drive. This tire offers superior hydroplane resistance made possible by Firestone’s unique proprietary Pulse Groove™ technology. This advanced tread pattern improves water evacuation as it channels water away from the tire during accelerating and braking.

In the end, not all performance tires are made the same. With so many choices for all season performance, summer performance, touring performance, and summer ultra high performance tires, it’s important to know which is right for you.

Having insight when making any purchase is critical. When it comes to getting the right tires for your vehicle, you’ll want to know what tires will enhance your driving experience and tailor to your preferences. When you buy performance tires online you’ll know exactly what to look for to find a tire that fits your needs best.

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