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Is Buying Tires Online Worth It? Can You Get Cheap Tires Online?

By Tire Agent

February 22, 2024


When you walk into a local tire shop, the salesperson will ask you a few questions, look up your vehicle and direct you to one or two options that fit. Their suggestions may or may not be the cheapest or best options, but you trust their judgment. 

Tire Agent uses the same type of technology that tire salespeople use, but we put it in the hands of you, the drivers. Answer a few questions about your vehicle, and then choose from more than 80 brands of tires and more than 60 brands of after-market wheels. Use filters to narrow your options based on price, type, brand and more.    

In this post, we'll explain how online tire and wheel shopping works, as well as the pros and cons of online tire purchases.  

Pros: 8 Reasons to Purchase Tires Online

If you’re into hassle-free shopping and saving money, online tire buying is right for you. There are many benefits to ordering a new set of tires from the comfort of your home.

Best prices: You can buy tires online, cheap

The primary benefit of online tire stores is a lower price, and the ability to easily compare prices online. This is especially true when compared to the cost at the local tire store or car dealership, mainly because we don't have overhead costs of brick-and-mortar tire stores. That said, we don't install tires, so you'll need to figure that into your overall cost. During the checkout process, we'll give you an option to connect with a local tire and wheel installer or buy tires online and have them installed yourself.

Convenience: Purchasing tires online is easy

Not only is purchasing tires and wheels online convenient, but you can also find the latest deals, offers, coupons and promotions all in one place. We've created a "deals" page that lists all current and recent offers; plus, as you shop, we've connected those deals to the products.

Payment options: Buy now, pay later (discretely) 

Buying a partial or full set of replacement tires and/or wheels can get expensive, and you don't want to sacrifice quality and safety. One of the biggest advantages of buying tires online is the ability to select from a variety of online payment options, privately and discretely. Tire Agent has curated a number of payment options from several partners that offer flexible payment plans, including buy-now-pay-later, weekly or monthly payments, little to no money down, early buyout options and more. 


Access: Locate hard-to-find and rare tire and wheel brands

Your local tire store can only carry so many tires. Tire Agent has access to hundreds of warehouses throughout the country. Because of this, you’ll find a much broader selection of tires and wheels on the internet at prices that fit your budget. With Tire Agent and PayPair, you can select a flexible payment plan

Knowledge: You don't have to be a tire expert

You don’t need to be familiar with your tire size – all you need to know is the year, make, model (and sometimes the trim level) of your vehicle. Enter that information, and our site will spit out your vehicle's OEM (original equipment manufacturer) tire and wheel size, along with a list of purchase options. We do suggest that you confirm your tire and wheel size, which we explain in this guide to tire and rim sizes.

Real-time quotes: No need to wait for an online tire quoteundefined

You can peruse tires at your own pace and get real-time tire quotes. Order tires online whenever you’re ready – even if that happens to be 2 a.m. on a Sunday.

Stress-free: You'll get no pressure from sales

We do have agents on call if you have questions, but other than that, you'll get no pressure from us. Our tire-matching technology makes comparing tires easy and without heavy sales gimmicks.

Fast and free shipping: We make tire and wheel installation easy

Local tire shops carry a limited inventory of wheels and tires, and you'll likely need to wait a few days for your tires to arrive. We ship anywhere in the U.S. you want, to your home or to your local auto shop, sometimes in as quickly as 2 business days (depending on your location). Need to know where to install tires? During the checkout process, we'll recommend a tire installer near you if you need one.

Cons: Why Some People Don't Shop For Tires Online

      1. You'll have to wait for your tires and wheels to be delivered. Often, however, your local auto shop will need to order your tires as well. Our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We always ship your tires and wheels fast and free (continental US only).
      2. You'll have to know a few things about your vehicle, including the factory-installed wheel and tire size, as well as the trim model. If you're not a "car person," this may be new to you. 
      3. You won't get to enjoy the smell of fresh tires, as you walk into a tire shop. Seriously. Some people dig that. 
      4. You'll still have to find a tire installer. We make that easy during the checkout process. 
      5. Some people find that choosing from dozens, if not hundreds, of tires and wheels is overwhelming. We get that. That's why we have added so many filters, so you can find exactly what you want. 

How Does Online Tire Shopping Work?

The best website to buy tires makes it easy to find the right tires that match your vehicle, driving style and budget. 

1. From any page on our site, select "Shop Tires and Wheels".


2. Select Tires, Wheels or Both (Tires and Wheels), then Start Search By Vehicle. 

3. Choose the make (Audi, Ford, GMC, etc.), year and model of your vehicle. Then, you'll need to know the trim level. How do you find this? There are a few ways to find this information:

      • Check the manufacturer's website.
      • Look at the ID plate that's located on the door jamb (which also is where your tire pressure and tire size information is located).
      • Look up the VIN (vehicle identification code) on a free site like (don't pay for this information; it's available for free).

4. Confirm your tire and wheel size. If you don't know, select "Find my tire size." You can find your tire size on the side wall of your tire (which can sometimes be difficult to read), as well as on the vehicle identification plate on the driver's door jamb.

5. Enter your ZIP code. Why do we ask for this? Two reasons. We ship tires and wheels from several locations throughout the continental United States. Your ZIP code will help us find available products near you. The second reason is that during the checkout process, we'll connect you with local auto shops that do tire and wheel installations. 

6.  View your results. First, you'll see tire options. Filter based on current deals, great warranties and exceptional value. Sort based on price (low to high and vice versa). And drill down based on what matters most to you: price range, brand, tread type, speed rating, load index, and a slew of other options.  

7. Proceed through the checkout process or, if you're buying tires and wheels, follow the same steps for choosing your wheels. 

8. Shipping is always free, whether your tires and wheels are delivered to your home, place of business or local tire installer. If you select "Add Installation," we'll list auto service centers near you, along with their installation charges. Select "Price Breakdown" for details.  

Tire Agent knows how to sell tires and wheels online. We know that when most people shop for tires, it's because they need them, not necessarily because they want them. We've mastered online tire shopping, making it easier than ever.

What's The Best Place to Buy Tires Online?

Tire Agent aims to be the best online tire dealer, in part because of our vast collection of tires, but also because we ship tires fast and free. We make finding the perfect tires for your vehicle easy, thanks to our tire-matching technology. Simply enter your vehicle's make, model and trim level, and we'll recommend a range of tires that fit your budget, driving style and needs.  

We carry over 80 brands of tires.

Be sure to check for discounted tires online here: Tire Agent deals page.

Tire Agent makes researching and shopping for tires easy, so you can buy tyres online.

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