Trail Blade X/T

The Trail Blade X/T is a multi-terrain tire that collaborated with Quartermaster Knives to develop a good looking tire that cuts through the muck, crushes rocks, and drives smooth on the highway.

    All Terrain Standard

As an all-terrain tire, drivers will experience stiff treads wrapped around a stiff and durable carcass. The sidewalls of this tire are reinforced in order to block rocks or other debris from cutting or chipping away at the tire. Deeper grooves between tread blocks further increase grip on off-road conditions. However, these treads are staggered and constructed in such a way that they do not create excessive vibration while rolling on flat surfaces, such as roads. This allows the tire to drive on roads without wearing out or agitating the driver.

Included benefits

  • Mileage


  • All Season
Prices Starting At $185.46


Strong On and off-road

The 3-ply sidewalls provide strength on and off-road.

Good in Soft Conditions

The huge shoulder blocks on these tires make them excellent in sand, mud, and other soft terrain.

Knife Blade

The Quartermaster Knife Blade design will make your truck or SUV stand out in a crowd.

Rim Guard

The rim guard helps protect against damage from curbs or other obstacles.

Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
LT285/70R17 D 121/118Q N/A Blackwall I0052896 $876.80 set of 4 $219.20 ea
35x12.50R17LT E 121Q N/A Blackwall I0052895 $988.16 set of 4 $247.04 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
285/60R18 120H XL 460 A B Blackwall 76HH8AFA $758.32 set of 4 $189.58 ea
LT275/70R18 E 125/122Q N/A Blackwall J3GF8AFA $871.44 set of 4 $217.86 ea
LT285/65R18 E 125/122Q N/A Blackwall I0048355 $900.20 set of 4 $225.05 ea
33x12.50R18LT E 118Q N/A Blackwall I0048356 $915.84 set of 4 $228.96 ea
35x12.50R18LT E 123Q N/A Blackwall I0045750 $996.08 set of 4 $249.02 ea
LT295/70R18 E 129/126Q N/A Blackwall J3IF8AFA $1117.24 set of 4 $279.31 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
275/45R20 110H XL 520 A B Blackwall I0045753 $741.84 set of 4 $185.46 ea
275/55R20 117S XL 520 A B Blackwall I0045752 $799.56 set of 4 $199.89 ea
LT285/55R20 E 122/119Q N/A Blackwall J3HI0AFA $888.60 set of 4 $222.15 ea
33x12.50R20LT E 114Q N/A Blackwall I0045749 $912.20 set of 4 $228.05 ea
LT275/65R20 E 126/123Q N/A Blackwall J3GG0AFA $941.32 set of 4 $235.33 ea
35x12.50R20LT E 121Q N/A Blackwall I0045751 $968.48 set of 4 $242.12 ea
LT295/60R20 E 126/123R N/A Blackwall I0048354 $993.72 set of 4 $248.43 ea
LT305/55R20 E 121/118Q N/A Blackwall J3JI0AFA $1086.92 set of 4 $271.73 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
275/45R22 112H XL 460 A B Blackwall 76GKBAFA $858.68 set of 4 $214.67 ea
305/45R22 118H XL 460 A B Blackwall 76JKBAFA $1112.88 set of 4 $278.22 ea
LT325/50R22 E 122S N/A Blackwall J3NJBAFA $1276.48 set of 4 $319.12 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
285/40R24 112H XL 460 A B Blackwall 76HLDAFA $1072.80 set of 4 $268.20 ea
LT325/45R24 E 120S N/A Blackwall J3NKDAFA $1404.64 set of 4 $351.16 ea