The DL6000 ONVOY is a light truck tire for heavy and commercial use. It features deep staggered treads for better traction.

    Commercial Tire

As a commercial tire, this is designed to take on heavy use for long hours. It comes with reinforced sidewalls which allow it to stay strong after multiple run-ins with curbs or other obstacles. It also offers excellent straight line stability which helps to provide good control and efficiency on the highway. Finally, this tire will keep your commercial vehicles on the road as it provides a long life even when put through regular abuse.


  • All Season


Steel Belt Interior

Three types of tread pitches allow this tire to grip the road better.

Heavy Loads

Three ply sidewalls allow this tire to handle heavy loads.

Long Lasting

Tread material built for even wear and long lasting performance.

Quiet Ride

The alternating treads keep this tire quiet on the road.