Affinity Touring S4 FF

The FF in the Affinity Touring S4 FF stands for Fuel Fighter. This name comes from Firestone's fuel efficient tread design. This Eco-Friendly tire doesn’t only save on gas, it also provides a smooth, quiet ride, that is perfect for high performance vehicles.

    Touring All Season

This touring tire is best suited for every day road use. It is designed to produce a low amount of resistance when in contact with pavement which improves fuel efficiency, reduces road noise and treadwear. Its all-season rating means it provides a good balance of performance and traction with wet, dry (Spring, Summer, Autumn weather) and cold (Winter) weather conditions such as snow and ice. This tire features a year-round tread compound that can maintain good stability in hot, cold, and mild weather.

Included benefits

  • Mileage


  • All Season
Prices Starting At $116.77


Polymer Technology

The fuel fighting ability of these tires comes from a proprietary polymer built into the tire to help reduce fuel consumption.

Solid Center Rib

Improves steering and cornering performance.

Optimized Shoulders

The shoulders of this tire are optimized to reduce road noise.

Wide Grooves

Deep, wide, grooves enhance grip on wet and dry roads.

Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
P195/65R15 89H 500 A A Blackwall 000240 $467.08 set of 4 $116.77 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
P205/65R16 94S 500 A B Blackwall 131657 $549.64 set of 4 $137.41 ea
205/65R16 95H 500 A A Blackwall 013873 $553.84 set of 4 $138.46 ea