Ecsta V720

The V720 Model Exsta tire by Kumho is an autocross tire which delivers enhanced dry and wet performance.

    Summer Extreme Performance

This summer extreme performance tire provides extremely high levels of steering response a tire to driver feedback. This is due to a unique construction that keeps the tire stiff and sends vibrations up to the driver. Drivers using this tire will experience outstanding grip on dry pavement and superior cornering performance. In exchange this tire is a bit noisy, stiff, and lacks the longer tread life of standard summer tires.


  • Summer
Prices Starting At $329.80


Solid Center Rib

Improves wet braking and performance.

Wide Blocks

Improve grip and cornering, especially on dry roads.

Lateral Grooves

Channel water away from the center of the tire for better wet traction.

Reduce Hydroplaning

Two outside circumferential grooves help channel water and reduce hydroplaning.

Super Tough

A high tensile Carcass and super tough apex increase tread life while enhancing grip.

Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
305/30R19 102W XL 200 AA A Blackwall 2202753 $1319.20 set of 4 $329.80 ea
P355/30ZR19 99Y LL 200 A A Blackwall 2202803 $1732.04 set of 4 $433.01 ea