Mach I R201

The Thunderer Mach I is a long lasting tire for mid-sized passenger vehicles.

    Touring All Season

This touring tire is best suited for every day road use. It is designed to produce a low amount of resistance when in contact with pavement which improves fuel efficiency, reduces road noise and treadwear. Its all-season rating means it provides a good balance of performance and traction with wet, dry (Spring, Summer, Autumn weather) and cold (Winter) weather conditions such as snow and ice. This tire features a year-round tread compound that can maintain good stability in hot, cold, and mild weather.

Included benefits

  • Mileage
  • Road


  • All Season
Prices Starting At $62.15


Lateral Grooves

Lateral grooves water away from the tire and reduces hydroplaning.

Reduce Hydroplaning

Circumferential grooves push away water and reduces hydroplaning.

Alternating Treads

Alternating treads reduce rolling resistance and allow this tire to run quieter.

Fuel Efficiency

This tire reduces rolling resistance which allows it to run with a higher level of fuel efficiency.

Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
175/70R14 84H 500 A A Blackwall TH0025 $248.60 set of 4 $62.15 ea
195/60R14 86T 500 A A Blackwall TH0041 $257.80 set of 4 $64.45 ea
195/70R14 91H 500 A A Blackwall TH0049 $277.80 set of 4 $69.45 ea
205/70R14 98H XL 500 A A Blackwall TH0040 $285.00 set of 4 $71.25 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
185/65R15 88H 500 A A Blackwall TH0055 $269.08 set of 4 $67.27 ea
195/65R15 91H 500 A A Blackwall TH0044 $277.20 set of 4 $69.30 ea
205/60R15 91H 500 A A Blackwall TH0047 $301.88 set of 4 $75.47 ea
215/70R15 98H 500 A A Blackwall TH0043 $324.60 set of 4 $81.15 ea
225/60R15 96H 500 A A Blackwall TH0051 $326.36 set of 4 $81.59 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
205/60R16 92H 500 A A Blackwall TH0056 $304.00 set of 4 $76.00 ea
215/60R16 95H 500 A A Blackwall TH0076 $320.44 set of 4 $80.11 ea
205/65R16 95H 500 A A Blackwall TH0052 $325.32 set of 4 $81.33 ea
235/60R16 100H 500 A A Blackwall TH0079 $379.32 set of 4 $94.83 ea
235/65R16 103H 500 A A Blackwall TH0054 $380.68 set of 4 $95.17 ea
Size UTQG Sidewall Part Number Price Quantity
215/55R17 94H 500 A A Blackwall TH0083 $320.88 set of 4 $80.22 ea
215/65R17 99H 500 A A Blackwall TH0082 $354.52 set of 4 $88.63 ea