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Item WO-8090-2976MB



Matte Black

Wheel size:

20 x 9, 0 mm Offset

Please note: Wheels that have been mounted and /or installed on the tire or vehicle cannot be returned.
All wheels should be test fitted before mounting tires or installation to ensure proper fitment. Wheels that have been mounted and/or installed may not be returned. If you are unsure of the correct wheel size for your vehicle, we encourage you to shop for wheels using our wheel fitment guide.

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Technical Specifications


Distance measured in millimeters from the hub mounting surface to the center line of the wheel. This can be a positive number, negative number, or zero. Positive offset is when the middle hub area is toward the front of the wheel, further from the vehicle.

0 mm

Overall height of the wheel, measured in inches.


The maximum load (weight) rating capacity of a tire.

Back Spacing

Distance measured in inches from the hub mounting surface to the inside lip of the wheel.

5 mm
Weight 42 lbs
Bolt Pattern

Includes the number of lugs and the diameter of the circle they form.

8x6.5, 8x170
Load Rating 3300 lbs
Lugs 8
Hub Bore 130.8 mm
Bolt Circle 6.5
Length NA

*All Mayhem wheels may continue to be developed with manufacturer changes. That being said, Tire Agent and the manufacturer have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.