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SP Sport 5000M DSST CTT

Performance All Season

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Benefits & Features

Run Flat

Run Flat

This tire is are capable of continued driving even after a loss of air pressure.

Combined Tire Technology

Combined tire technology lessons the weight of the tire and rounds the shape of the cavity which provides a smoother ride.

Jointless Band Technology

See smoother performance and handling at highway speeds from Dunlop's Jointless Band Technology.

Asymmetric Treads

An Asymmetric tread pattern helps balance this tire's performance in wet or dry conditions.

Max Flange Shield

The max flange shield protects your rims from curb damage.

Twin Cut Steel Belts

Twin cut steel belts run the full width of this tire which increases the footprint, handling, and longevity of this tire.

Inner Tread Blocks

Independent tread blocks on the inside of the tire helps to disperse water and slush.

Tire Description

The SP Sport 5000M DSST CCT is similar to the 5000M in that it maintains high performance through all weather. However, it has added run-flat technology and less tire weight.

*All Dunlop tires may continue to be developed with manufacturer changes. That being said, Tire Agent and the manufacturer have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.