Dune Grappler

You've heard of summer tires. You've heard of off-road and all-terrain tires. But have you heard of dessert tires? That's right, Nitto makes a tire specifically for off-roading in the desert. This tire has flame style treads that begin on the sidewall and wrap around to the foot of the tire. What's more, it looks as cool as it works. The Dune Grappler by Nitto is a rigid, deep treaded, revolutionary invention that you should take a serious look into if you're planning to take a trip in the sand.


  • All Season


Dual Sidewall

Customers can chose between Old English or traditional lettering on the sidewalls.

Off-Road Traction

The void ratio between the treads improves performance in dirt, mud, and sand.

3-Ply Polyester Sidewall

A 3-ply polyester sidewall reduce this tire's susceptibility to punctures.

3D Grooves

The Dune Grappler 3D grooves make the treads more rigid which reduces wear and road noise.

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