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30,000 Mile Warranty


Pilot Alpin PA4


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Benefits & Features

30,000 Mile Warranty

Tire Description

The Michelin Piolit Aplin PA4 is a performance winter tire made for drivers of luxury sedans and sport cars in search of winter driving confidence. This tire offers safety in wet snow and ice. The Piolit Alpin PA4 combines the performance of Michelin's Pilot line with the winter capability of its Alpin line.

Stud-less Winter

This stud-less winter tire contains a soft rubber compound. As the temperature drops, the treads stiffen to provide optimal grip. Treads that are too stiff in cold weather are more likely to slip and treads that are too soft will wear quicker. In addition, this tire has sipes and grooves that increase snow traction and allow the tread blocks to flex while braking.

Available Sizes



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$229.54Per Tire

Set of (4) Tires: $918.16


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$373.83Per Tire

Set of (4) Tires: $1495.32



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$289.09Per Tire

Set of (4) Tires: $1156.36


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$361.99Per Tire

Set of (4) Tires: $1447.96



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$403.97Per Tire

Set of (4) Tires: $1615.88

*All Michelin tires may continue to be developed with manufacturer changes. That being said, Tire Agent and the manufacturer have the right to change these tire specifications at any time without notice or obligation.