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Advanti Racing Wheels

Advanti Racing was founded in the mid-90s by YHI International, an automotive distributor company. Their goal was to make precise, high-quality alloy wheels for F1 racing. Today, Advanti makes one-piece cast and alloy wheels for those looking to capture that race car look in their vehicles. 

Advanti Racing Wheels

Advanti Racing FAQs

What is Advanti Racing known for?

Advanti is known for F1 racing tires, but they also produce tires for luxury sports cars and some passenger vehicles.

Are Advanti Rims good?

Advanti manufacturers lightweight wheels with Flow Form technology. This is a process where they heat the raw metal barrel material and stretch it out with hydraulic rollers to form a wheel shape with the appropriate diameter. This causes the wheel to be much more lightweight while still being very strong and able to bear heavy loads. Aesthetically, Advanti's wheels are clean, sleek, and modern. They would be at home on luxury vehicles as well as SUVs.

What type of wheels does Advanti Racing make?

For passenger vehicles, Advanti makes one-piece cast alloy wheels.

What sizes are Advanti Wheels available in?

Advanti offers wheels in their DST line from 17 inches to 22 inches. Their racing line only comes in 20 inches.

Where can I buy Advanti Racing Wheels?

Tire Agent offers Advanti Wheels online with fast and free shipping. To find rims that fit your vehicle, you can use our wheel-matching tool to help you out. Enter your vehicle make, model, and year, and then answer a few additional questions so we can confirm your wheel size. Then, narrow your search down to the Advanti Racing brand to see what sizes and fitments we have available.

Where can I have Advanti wheels installed?

We have networked with numerous well-known auto shops across the country, as well as mobile installers who come to you for your convenience! When you enter your ZIP code at checkout, we'll give you a list of installers in your area and the installation fee that will be charged to your order. If you'd prefer, you may also have your order delivered right to your house, place of business, or local installer, who you can then pay to have your new rims installed.

Where can I find Advanti Warranty information?

Advanti Racing offers a limited warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal operating conditions for one year after the date of the original purchase.