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Fuel Wheels and Rims

MHT Luxury Alloys established Fuel in 2009 to make a wheel for off-roading. Fuel became known not only for making wheels for rugged off-roading, but also wheels for luxury show builds. Today, Fuel is one of the most popular aftermarket brands and offers their wheels in a variety of styles and sizes with some of the best quality on the market.

196 Available Wheel Styles

Fuel Wheels and Rims

Fuel Wheels FAQs

What is Fuel Wheels known for?

The best part about Fuel Wheels and Rims is their wide range of selections. If you're looking for a one- or two-piece rim, the extremely popular and iconic Maverick wheel has several diameter, width, and color selections, so you can find exactly what you need. There's also the Fuel Rebel, which features a simulated beadlock ring. With so many options and sizes, Fuel has rims for just about everyone. 

Are Fuel Wheels any good?

Ask any off-road enthusiast, and they'll tell you that Fuel Wheels are high quality (plus, they look great). Yes, Fuel Wheels are very good. 

What type of wheels are Fuel Wheels?

Fuel wheels are meant for larger, heavy show build trucks and off-road vehicles like a Jeep. They are made with durable, yet lightweight aluminum in a variety of styles. Some of the common vehicles that Fuel Wheels are used with are Jeep Wranglers, Chevy Silverados, Ford F-150s, and RAM 2500s.

What sizes do Fuel wheels come in?

Browse our online catalog to find the exact sizes for Fuel's wheels. Fuel has one of the largest catalogs of wheels, in a variety of diameters (17 to 24 inches), widths (6.5 to 16 inches) and offsets. 

What wheel finishes does Fuel offer?

What wheel finishes doesn't Fuel offer! This wheel manufacturer knows its drivers want options, and they deliver. Finishes include black, chrome, blue, gray, red, gunmetal and more; finish types include polished, matte, and satin.

Where can I buy Fuel Wheels?

Tire Agent offers Fuel Wheels online with fast and free shipping. By entering your vehicle make, model, and year, you can search for rims that will fit your car. Once you enter your information, you can narrow your search to the Fuel Brand for the sizes and styles we offer. How much are Fuel Wheels? Fuel Wheels range in price depending on the size and model you need. Because of their larger and more durable design, Fuel Wheels will likely be upwards of $300 per wheel. However, Tire Agent offers several payment options, which can be found on our finance page

Where can I get Fuel wheels installed?

We have partnered with many nationally recognized auto shops, as well as mobile installers that come to you. Simply enter your ZIP code during check-out, and you'll find a listing of Fuel rim installers near you, as well as the cost of installation that will be added to your order. Or if you would prefer, have your Fuel wheels delivered directly to your home, business, or local auto shop and pay your installer directly for your installation.

Where can I find out about Fuel Wheel's Warranty?

Fuel Off-Road's warranty, and many other wheel brand warranties, cover one year of normal use from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited to the repair and replacement of wheels determined to be defective under the warranty specified conditions.