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Hostile Wheels

Hostile Wheels, part of MKW brands, has been customizing off-road vehicles since 2012. Known for creating wheels perfect for those with an aggressive off-road lifestyle, Hostile's designs and technical research provides customers with the highest quality, unique wheel mods. The company combines high-tech design and manufacturing for truly distinctive wheels.

Hostile Wheels

FAQs About Hostile Wheels

What is Hostile Wheels known for?

Hostile Wheels is known for building wheels perfect for those with an aggressive off-road lifestyle. Its designs and technical research focus on high-quality, unique wheel modifications. The company combines high-tech design and manufacturing for truly unique wheels.

What type of wheels does Hostile Wheels make?

Hostile offers wheels for off-road vehicles in diameters ranging from 17 to 26 inches, with 5/6/8 bolt patterns. They have wheels in various finishes. All in-stock Hostile models are listed on our site.

What sizes do Hostile Wheels rims come in?

Hostile wheels come in a range of sizes, from diameters of 17 to 26 inches, with 5/6/8 lug configurations. To determine whether Hostile wheels will fit your vehicle, try starting on our home page, selecting "wheels," and entering your vehicle information. From there, we'll suggest wheels, including Hostile, if available.

What rim finishes does Hostile Wheels offer?

Hostile wheels come in various finishes and colors, including asphalt, armor-plated, full polish, gloss black and more. Hostiles rim models include Syclone, Fury, Sprocket, Gauntlet, Alpha, Blaze, Exile and more.

Where can I buy Hostile Wheels wheels?

Shop online for Hostile wheels with Tire Agent, where shipping is fast and free. To find Hostile rims that fit your vehicle, use our wheel-matching tool. Enter your vehicle make, model, and year and answer a few questions to confirm your wheel size. Narrow your search to the Hostile brand, and you'll see all the sizes and fitments available. To find Hostile wheel prices, select the size that matches your vehicle. Tire Agent offers a number of payment options, all of which can be found on our finance page.

Where can I have my Hostile Wheels wheels installed?

Tire Agent can ship your wheels to your local auto shop for installation. Or, we can ship to your home, or any address in the U.S., and you can arrange for wheel installation. If you need help finding a wheel installer, you'll see an option during the checkout process where Tire Agent will connect you with an auto shop. We'll include your name and info on the invoice and ship directly to the installer.

Where can I find warranty info about Hostile Wheels' wheels?

Hostile wheels are coved by a limited warranty. Wheels manufactured by Hostile are warranted to be free from structural failure as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product. You can find complete Hostile warranty details here.