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Platinum Wheels By Ultra

A division of Ultra Wheel Company, Platinum Wheels has a core principle of building strong, safe wheels with precise fitments that are innovative and pleasing to the eye. Platinum Wheels is committed to auto enthusiasts who demand the highest level of quality and unique style for their passenger cars and SUVs. The company is known for combining the highest level of craftsmanship with the latest technology.

Platinum Wheels By Ultra

Platinum Wheels FAQs

What is Platinum known for?

Platinum Wheels has a core principle of producing solid and safe wheels with precise fitments that are innovative and aesthetically pleasing. The company is known for combining the highest level of craftsmanship with the latest technology. Whether you need a robust set of wheels to help your car stand out or to handle tight corners, Platinum Wheels is your solution.

What type of wheels does Platinum make?

Platinum makes luxury wheels for cars, sedans and SUVs. They come in various sizes and finishes in its Lotus, Valor, Matrix, Exodus models and more. All in-stock Platinum models of wheels are listed on our site.

What sizes does Platinum come in?

Platinum rims come in sizes ranging from 16 to 22 inches in diameter, 7 to 9.5 inches in width, and 15 to 42 inches in offset. Most car types are compatible with these fitment options. To determine whether Platinum wheels will fit your vehicle, try starting on our home page, selecting "wheels," and entering your vehicle information. From there, we'll suggest wheels, including Platinum, if available.

What rim finishes and/or colors does Platinum offer?

Platinum Wheels come in a variety of finishes and colors, including gloss black, gloss gun metal grey, bright graphite, silver, satin black and more.

Where can I buy Platinum Wheels by Ultra?

Shop online for Platinum wheels with Tire Agent, where shipping is fast and free. To find Platinum rims that fit your vehicle, use our wheel-matching technology. Simply enter your vehicle make, model, and year and answer a few questions to confirm your wheel size. Narrow your search to the Platinum brand, and you'll see all the sizes and fitments available. To find out Platinum wheel prices, select the size that matches your vehicle. Note that Tire Agent offers a number of payment options, all of which can be found on our finance page.

Where can I have Platinums installed?

We have worked with countless auto shops and mobile installers who come to you for your convenience! When you enter your ZIP code at checkout, we'll give you a list of installers in your area to pick from. The installation fee that will be charged will be added to your order. If you'd prefer, you may have your order delivered to any residential or business address and coordinate installation on your own.

Where can I find warranty info about Platinum rims?

Ultra Wheel Company offers a limited warranty on Platinum Wheels. It warrants to the original retail purchaser that Ultra Wheels will be free of structural, manufacturing, or material defects if used under normal and intended use as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product. An invoice or bill of sale in the name of the original purchaser shall evidence proof of original ownership. Warranty info can change: Manufacturer's warranty details can be found here.