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Rotiform Wheels

Rotiform, based in the United States, was formed in 2009. Racing fans might be familiar with the Rotiform name, thanks to the wheel manufacturer's partnership with Ken Block and Hoonigan Racing. They custom-designed racing wheels by Rotiform and sister brand Fuel for two of Hoonigan's vehicles. 

Rotiform Wheels

Rotiform FAQs

What is Rotiform known for?

Rotiform is known for offering drivers lots and lots of options. They offer a number of finishes, literally a rainbow of colors, specialty finishes and color combinations. They also offer options in terms of lip, hidden or visible hardware and profile. 

Are Rotiform wheels any good?

Rotiform has made a name for itself as a reputable brand for cast and custom-forged wheels made in the US. 

What kind of wheels and rims does Rotiform make?

Rotiform makes cast monoblock wheels, forged monoblock wheels, and forged 1-, 2- and 3-piece wheels. Rotiform makes alloy wheels. Does Rotiform make off-road wheels? Rotiform's wheels will fit several off-road vehicle types, and with diameter ranges between 17 and 22 inches, and widths ranging from 8 to 12 inches, they will fit a number of off-road vehicles. Does Rotiform make truck wheels? Yes, many of Rotiform's cast and forged wheels will fit a variety of light trucks.

What size do Rotiform's wheels come in?

Wheel makers are always offering new and improved models of wheels, so the best bet for finding the right wheels for your vehicle is to search our site based on your vehicle make, model and year; then, answer a few questions about your current wheels, and we'll recommend rims for your ride. To narrow to Rotiform options, filter by brand. Generally speaking, though, Rotiform's wheels range in diameter from 17 inches to 22 inches, and in widths from 8 inches to 12 inches. 

What finishes does Rotiform offer for wheels?

If you want options, Rotiform has them. You'll find a number of finishes, colors, specialty finishes and color combinations. 

Where can you buy Rotiform wheels?

A number of auto shops carry Rotiform wheels, but the best place to shop for rims online is with Tire Agent. We bring the shopping experience to you, with no-pressure sales. Our online store will match your vehicle with the right wheels and tires, regardless of your budget or taste. All of our in-stock Rotiform rims are listed, along with their specifications and prices. How much are Rotiform wheels? Rotiform prices are included with their listings. Prices depend on the size and materials used to make the wheels. Are Rotiform wheels expensive? They are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest wheels in our catalog. You'll find a decently priced wheel in the Rotiform. Their prices can range from around $1,100 for a set of four to over $4,000 for a set of TUF alloy 1-piece rims with a titanium finish.

Who installs Rotiform rims near me?

During the checkout process with Tire Agent, you'll have the option to find an auto shop near you that installs wheels, if you don't already have an auto shop. Add your ZIP code, and we'll list installers in your area. Select an installer, and we'll add their installation cost to the invoice and ship directly to them with your name attached. Shipping to your auto shop or anywhere in the US is free and fast (typically as quickly as 2 to 3 days). 

What's the Rotiform warranty cover?

Like a lot of wheel company warranties, Rotiform's warranty applies to properly installed and fitted wheels. For the fine print, read the Rotiform warranty. Many apply to only the original owner for 12 months from the date of purchase.