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Touren Wheels For Sale

If you're looking for a minimalist, sleek, and luxury wheel, Touren Wheels offers some of the best options on the market. Touren is known for making lightweight and long-lasting wheels for driving on paved roads. Even with a luxury build and style, Touren Wheels are still very budget-friendly. 

Touren Wheels For Sale

Touren Rims FAQs

What are Touren wheels known for?

Touren is known for producing high-quality performance wheels for drivers who seek a budget-friendly replacement rim for passenger vehicles. 

Are Touren Wheels good?

Touren Wheels are aluminum, so they're durable and sturdy. They have simple spoke patterns with clean finishes and definitely stand out for their extremely modern style. Reviewers note that while they're happy with the wheel's durability and performance, the center cap can be susceptible to flaking and peeling. We'll review the Wheel Group warranty terms, later on, to understand how long you'll be covered for.  

What types of wheels does Touren make?

Touren wheels are aluminum alloy in three categories: flow-formed, cast, and infinity. Their flow-formed wheels are ultra-lightweight. Touren's cast monoblock wheels offer standard and staggered fitments. And the infinity wheels, which they describe as being made from ultra-high quality alloys.

What sizes are Touren Wheels?

Touren offers a wide range of sizes from 14 to 22 inches. Most of their wheels come in a 5 bolt configuration pattern with a center cap covering the bolts. 

What finishes does Touren offer?

The best way to answer that is by showing, rather than telling. You'll find a variety of finishes and patterns in the Touren collection. Search by selecting your vehicle make, model and year, then we'll suggest a variety of wheels. Narrow your search by filtering to the Touren brand, then browse all they have to offer. 

Where can I buy Touren Wheels?

Tire Agent offers Touren Wheels online with fast and free shipping. If you're looking for a special type of tire, you can use our wheel-matching tool to find the best fit for you. Enter your vehicle make, model, and year, and then answer a few additional questions so we can find your right wheel size. Then, you can narrow your search to the Touren brand to see what sizes and styles we have available. Touren offers a range of price points depending on what your budget is. Some of their wheels are as low as $170 while others can be $260 to $350. The price will range depending on what size and style you're looking for. It's possible to get an affordable yet good-looking set of Touren wheels, however. 

Who performs Touren wheels installation?

We have partnered with several respectable auto shops across the country in addition to mobile installers who come to you for your convenience. When you enter your ZIP code during the checkout process, we'll provide you a list of nearby installers and the installation cost that will be added to your order. Or, if you'd rather, you can also select to have your item delivered straight to your residence, place of business, or a nearby installer, who you can then contact to have it installed.

What is Touren's warranty?

Touren is part of The Wheel Group and uses their standard Limited Warranty. This warranty protects the paint and finishes from defects under normal use for 12 months. Their warranty also advises on care and maintenance to extend the life of your wheel finish.