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TSW Wheels

TSW wheels was founded by Formula One driver Eddie Keizan in the 1960s. TSW originally operated as “Tiger Wheels” out of South Africa until 2001, when TSW began producing aftermarket wheels under a new name. These wheels reached the United States and launched nine new brands for luxury European vehicles and trucks. 

TSW Wheels

FAQs About TSW Wheels

Are TSW wheels good?

With such deep roots in the aftermarket wheel industry and a history of producing high-quality wheels, TSW is a very good wheel brand. Most of their wheels use a rotary forging technique for a longer wheel lifespan and more durability. Their wheels are also lightweight and of excellent value. 

What type of wheels does TSW make?

TSW makes wheels commonly used on European and other luxury and exotic wheels. They also offer wheels for trucks. Their wheels use a flow form manufacturing technique where pressure is applied to a spinning wheel after it is cast. This results in a strong but lightweight wheel. 

What sizes do TSW rims come in?

TSW rims come in diameter sizes from 15” to 22”. 

What rim finishes does TSW offer?

TSW rims come in the following finishes:

  • Matte black

  • Gloss black

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Chrome

  • Gunmetal

Where can I buy TSW wheels?

TSW wheels can be purchased online with Tire Agent, where shipping is always free. With Tire Agent, you can enter your vehicle model, make, year, and answer a few additional questions to find wheels available for your vehicle. You can narrow your search down to the TSW brand to see what brands and sizes will fit your vehicle.

Where can I have my TSW wheels installed?

Tire Agent can help you find a verified TSW installer if you don’t have a mechanic that specializes in installing wheels. During checkout, enter your ZIP code to see our list of verified TSW installers in your area. You can then have your TSW wheels shipped directly to your installer of choice. 

Where can I find warranty info about TSW wheels?

TSW, as a Wheel Pros brand, uses its limited wheel warranty that protects the finish of its wheels for 1 year. Damages or issues with TSW wheels that are not a direct result of a manufacturing defect are not covered under this warranty. This warranty also applies only to the original purchaser of the wheel.