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Ultra Wheels

Ultra Wheels is a wheel brand founded in Fullerton, California, by motocross racer Jim Smith. Since the 1990s, they’ve fostered a passion for making strong, durable wheels for truck racing. Their wheels have been used in several premiere events like the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series and the Baja 1000. Today, they produce high-quality truck, off-road, luxury, race, and UTV wheels.

57 Available Wheel Styles

Ultra Wheels

FAQs About Ultra Wheel

What is Ultra Wheel known for?

Ultra Wheels is known for its six different truck and off-road wheel brands, including Ultra Motorsports, Ultra Sports Xtreme, which has true beadlock wheels, and their sleek Platinum series. If you need a tire that will perform in any condition, Ultra Wheels is an excellent choice. 

What type of wheels does Ultra Wheel make?

Ultra Wheels makes wheels for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Some of their brands, like their Ultra Sport lineup, are strictly meant for motorsports. Other brands will have more niche case uses, such as their van lineup that focuses on being used for commercial vans. They also offer wheels for CUVs, trucks, UTVs, luxury cars, and more. 

What sizes do Ultra Wheel rims come in?

With over 70 different styles, Ultra wheels offers wheels in sizes from 14” diameter to 24”. 

What kind of Ultra Motorsports rims are available?

You'll be able to see a more up-to-date inventory of all Tire Agent's wheels when you shop online. Ultra Motorsports wheels include Claw, Dually, Crusher, Maverick, Carnage, and Machine. If you want options, Ultra has them. 

What rim finishes does Ultra Wheel offer?

Ultra Wheels come in the following finishes and/or colors:

  • Gloss black
  • Bronze
  • Gloss gray
  • Satin black
  • Matte black
  • Machined

They also have a wide range of accent styles for a more unique look. 

Where can I buy Ultra Wheels?

Tire Agent offers Ultra Wheels online with fast, free shipping. With Ultra Wheels’ diverse selection of fitments and styles available, you can enter your vehicle model, and year, and answer a few additional questions to see what we have available for you. 

Where can I have my Ultra Wheel wheels installed?

Upon checkout, we can ship your Ultra Wheels to any address you prefer, whether it’s work, home, or a mechanic you trust. If you don’t have a preferred installer nearby, we’ll help you find one during checkout. Simply enter your ZIP code and see our list of verified wheel installers near you. 

Where can I find warranty info about Ultra Wheel wheels?

Ultra Wheels offers a limited warranty that guarantees their wheels will be free of structural manufacturing defects. This warranty also protects the finishes on their wheels for 1 year after original purchase. This warranty will not cover any damages regardless of cause outside of a manufacturing defect.