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Vision Wheels

Vision was founded in 1976 at a small tire shop in Decatur, Alabama. Today, they make affordable aftermarket wheels in several styles for a wide variety of vehicles. Vision offers off-roading wheels with simulated and true beadlocks. They also have UTV, street, race, trailer, muscle, ATV, and even golf cart wheels!

Vision Wheels

Vision Wheels FAQs

What is Vision Wheels known for?

Vision is known for American Muscle, off-road, street, and ATV/UTV collections of rims. They also produce a luxury line of wheels called Milanni, as well as their Hauler Dually wheels. 

Are Vision wheels good?

Yes, Vision offers stylish wheels to support several types of vehicles. With so much versatility, you can pick and choose the wheel for your specific need. For example, the tough and popular 422 Prowler comes in four sizes and an either 5- or 6-lug design. 

What type of wheels does Vision Wheels make?

It would probably be easier to answer what type of wheel doesn't Vision Wheels manufacture? They've expanded their collection to include a variety of passenger vehicles, plus luxury vehicles, trucks, off-road vehicles and more. Best way to answer this question is to invite you to search for your vehicle using Tire Agent's wheel matcher and use the filter to select the Vision Wheels brand. 

What sizes do Vision Wheels have?

Vision has a large variety of wheel options in their different styles from 15" diameter all the way to 24". They offer different wheel widths for maximum options. Vision Wheels includes different lug patterns and even true beadlock wheels for your off-roading. No matter what you need for your build, Vision will have something that will work.

What wheel finishes does Vision offer?

Again, Vision Wheels excels at variety, offering all the standard chrome, black, gunmetal and bronze  with satin, gloss, and matte varieties of finish types. With a large variety of colors and finishes, Vision has something for every taste.

Where can I buy Vision Wheels? 

You can shop online for Vision Wheels with Tire Agent, where shipping is fast and free. Find a perfect rim for your build by entering your vehicle make, model, year, and answering a few of our questions. You can narrow down your search to Vision Wheels to see what sizes and fitments we currently have available. Are Vision Wheels expensive? Vision wheels are surprisingly affordable, with the aforementioned Prowler 422 being about $200 to $300 per wheel. Other specialty off-road Vision wheels can be found at around $200 per tire. To find more about Vision Wheel pricing for your vehicle, head to our Shop tab above and enter your vehicle information to see what sizes we have for your vehicle. Tire Agent offers payment options, which can be found on our finance page. One short application gives you access to several options.  

Who installs Vision Wheels near me?

During the checkout process, add your ZIP code, and we'll provide you a listing of installers in your area, as well as the cost of Vision wheel installation, which can be added to your order. For your convenience, we have partnered with many well-known auto shops, plus some mobile installers that come to you! Or, have your order delivered to your home, business, or local installer and pay your installer directly for your installation.

What is Vision Wheels' warranty?

Vision guarantees a one-year limited warranty for the wheel's finish under normal use. This warranty will not cover consequential damage or loss.