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Best ATV and UTV Tires (2024 Edition)

By Tire Agent Staff

June 05, 2024

To maximize the performance of your ATV or UTV, you need the best tires on the market. The tires in this list of the best ATV, UTV, quad, or side-by-side maximize traction and control for a more enjoyable and safer driving experience. Let’s check out some of our top picks for your off-road vehicle.

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Best All Around, All Terrain Tires

atturo trail blade xt atv tire.webpAtturo Trail Blade X/T

Atturo’s X/T Trail Blade tire is a perfect choice for handling tough, rugged terrain. With 3-ply sidewalls and huge shoulder blocks, this tire will have excellent handling in sand, mud, and other difficult terrain. It also features a rim guard to protect against damage from both rocks and curbs. 

  • Starts at: $149.22*
  • Warranty: 45,000 mile manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Ratings: snow, mud, 108H XL load index/speed rating, max load single lbs 2,204, UTQG 460 A B

Milestar Patagonia SXS

Milestar’s Patagonia SXS is maximized for off-road, dry, and wet performance. With an aggressive sidewall to protect against road hazards and a wide footprint for better handling and braking, this is one of the best choices for an ATV, quad, or side-by-side. 

  • Starts at: $197.60*
  • Warranty: Covers manufacturer defects. Does not cover road damage or tires worn to 2/32” tread depth or to the tread wear indicator bar

Nitto Trail Grappler SXS

This compact off-road tire has an off-road pattern specifically built for side-by-side use. This tire has performed in the King of Hammers UTV class race and is designed for durability and constant off-road traction in dirt and mud. 

  • Starts at: See product listing for latest prices
  • Warranty: No warranty** 
  • Ratings: max load single lbs 1564 – 2205 depending on tire size. 

ATV Tires for Desert and Sand 

EFX Sand Slinger

The EFX Sand Slinger is unique within this list for being among the best performing UTV/ATV tires for desert riding. This sand tire is optimized for cruising the dunes with optimal grip and better power within this difficult terrain. 

  • Warranty: Limited warranty covers defects under intended use for one year from retail purchase. 
  • Ratings: max load single lbs 610–710 depending on tire size. 

UTV/ATV Tires for Rocky Terrain 

hercules tis off road ut1.webpHercules TIS UT1

Hercules’ TIS UT1 achieves the best rocky terrain performance with its center tread blocks, which provide a stable foundation and grip on tough, rugged trails. This tire also has elongated stone ejectors to release and expel smaller rocks and mud from the tire as you travel. 

  • Starts at: $200*
  • Warranty: 24-month limited protection policy
  • Ratings: mud, 71J load index/speed rating, max load single lbs 1045

milestar patagonia sxs atv tire.webpMilestar Patagonia SXT

Built for ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-sides, Milestar’s Patagonia SXT is lightweight and built with deep, wide grooves to eject stone and excess debris. This tire also features a Kevlar belt package for better strength and durability in the most difficult off-road conditions. 

  • Starts at: $242.26*
  • Warranty: Covers manufacturer defects. Does not cover road damage or tires worn to 2/32” tread depth or to the tread wear indicator bar
  • Ratings: all-Terrain, 68M load index/speed rating, max load single lbs 694

Best ATV and UTV Trail Tires

carlisle knobby atv tire.webp

Carlisle Knobby

Carlisle’s Knobby tire is the ultimate all solution choice for ATVs and golf carts. The unique design is perfect for rocky trails and other off-road conditions where you need better traction and control. 

  • Starts at: $83.35*
  • Warranty: Two-year warranty under normal use
  • Ratings: all-terrain, max load single lbs 365

Best ATV and UTV Tires on the Pavement 

carlisle trail wolfe.webpCarlisle Trail Wolf

Carlisle’s Trail Wolf is our choice for an ATV/UTV tire that works great both on- and off-road. With a deep, wrap-around tread and stiff sidewalls, this tire performs well on hard-packed surfaces and pavement. 

  • Starts around: $103.39*
  • Warranty: Two-year warranty under normal use
  • Ratings: mud terrain, max load single lbs 340

maxxis bighorn mt 762.jpgMaxxis Bighorn MT-762

The Bighorn MT-762 has proved itself multiple times in mud terrain with multiple championship wins. The staggered shoulder lugs add traction on even terrain without sacrificing comfort while on-road. 

Mud Tires for Best ATV and UTV Experience

atturo trail blade boss atv tire.webpAtturo SXS Trail Blade Boss

Like knives, the specialized treads of the Atturo SXS Trail Blade cut through mud and force excess debris out of its path to the sides. The 3-ply sidewall ensures that this tire also has better load bearing capacity and protection against errant rocks and debris. 

  • Starts at: $430.41*
  • Ratings: 124Q load index/speed rating, max load single lbs 3527

bfgoodrich mud terrain ta km3.webpBFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3. The BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tire is necessary for dedicated off-road enthusiasts. It offers exceptional traction and durability for extreme conditions, thanks to its Krawl-TEK compound. With improved traction and a flexible design, it conquers challenging terrains effortlessly.

  • Starts at: $210.99*
  • Warranty: 6-year standard limited warranty

toyo open country sxs atv tire.webp Toyo Open Country SXS

For mud terrains, Toyo’s Open Country SXS is built for performance with a race-winning open shoulder design to optimize traction in mud, sand, and rocks. This tire also features an aggressive design with hook shaped blocks and a high void ratio for strong grips on all off-road terrain.

  • Starts at: $337.36*
  • Ratings: mud terrain, max load single lbs 2205

ATV Tires for Snow and Ice

ITP Terra Cross R/T

The ITP Terra Cross R/T features an interlocking tread pattern for better traction and a 6-ply radial construction. This tire is great at all-terrain performance but excels specifically in soft/loose conditions like snow, making it a candidate for plowing snow. 

  • Starts at: Please see product listings for latest pricing*
  • Warranty: Two-year warranty under normal use

ITP Mud Lite II

Another great choice for snow and ice is ITP’s Mud Lite II, a tire that features a redesigned tread pattern for better grip and self-clearing in tough conditions. The tire’s tough rubber compound maximizes durability, longevity, and wear resistance in all off-road conditions. 

  • Starts at: Please see product listings for latest pricing*
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty under normal use

ATV and UTV 'Cheap' and Best For the Money 

We know that our customers like to search for "cheapest" tires, but we hesitate to use the term "cheap" when it comes to tires. Cheap can mean inexpensive, but it can also suggest low quality. In this list, we've chosen tires that are the best bang for your buck, if you're on a limited budget.

carlisle at489xd atv tire.webpCarlisle AT489XD (for UTV)

Our budget option choice is Carlisle’s AT489 XD, an 9 ply rating tire with a V-shaped lug for a smooth ride with self-cleaning capabilities. This UTV/ATV tire offers an excellent bang for your buck with its ¾ inch tread depth for better traction in loose, wet terrain. 

  • Starts at: $156.84*
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty under normal use
  • Ratings: all terrain, max single load lbs 715

Carlisle All Trail II (for ATV, SxS and UTV)

Another fantastic cheap, high quality off-road option, the Carlisle All Trail II ATV/UTV is designed with tight grooved tread for stability and comfort on hard surfaces. This tire also features a special tread compound designed for durability off-road. 

  • Starts at: $119.60*
  • Warranty: Two-year warranty under normal use
  • Ratings: all terrain, max single load lbs 715

*Prices subject to change and are based on size. If a size is not available in our online store, it may be temporarily out of stock or discontinued by the manufacturer. Ratings are as reported by the manufacturer, including UTQG. Manufacturers’ tire warranties are limited; read details before purchasing.

** The manufacturer does not include a warranty on this product, “due to conditions under which the tires operate.”

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