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Best Used Cars 2024 & Tire Recommendations

By Tire Agent Staff

May 03, 2024

If you’re looking for a used car in 2024, there are a lot of options at a great price available to you. This article will be our list of some of the best rated 2024 used cars for the money according to our research into popular review sites like Kelley Blue Book, Consumer Reports, and US News & World Report.

Used cars need new tires, so we’ll give some recommendations on affordable and reliable tires for your used car. With Tire Agent, you can get your new set of tires shipped anywhere you want, fast and free.

Tires featured in this post:best used cars.webp

      • Achilles Touring Sport AS
      • Crossmax CT-1 
      • Crossmax CHTS-1 
      • Ironman GR906 
      • Ironman iMOVE Gen2 AS
      • Kelly Edge Sport 
      • Maxxis MA-202
      • Starfire Solarus AS


Best Used Small Cars

Under $5,000

2007 Toyota Corolla3

The 2007 Toyota Corolla is still one of the best value sedans on the market. While not the absolute cheapest option on the market, the Corolla is the best value for reliability, quality, and fuel efficiency. This Toyota Corolla is more function over form, as it’s not the most stylish and modern interior. However, it’s easy and comfortable to drive and still a great option even 17 years later. 

2007 Honda Civic3

Kelley Blue Book recommends the 2007 Honda Civic as another inexpensive used car option. This vehicle came in a hybrid model that engages an electric motor when driving at low speed to boost fuel efficiency and gas mileage. The hybrid option may not handle exactly like the gas version, and will stop/start when idling at a light, but that’s the sacrifice for getting up to 50-miles per gallon. This is a fantastic low cost used car option. 

Under $10,000

2011 Chevy Volt1

The 2011 Chevy Volt is US News & World Report’s top 2011 hybrid car and one of the best used cars under $10,000 on the market. This car is noted for being one of the most efficient midsize cars in 2011 with an impressive electric-only range and gasoline backup engine. It has great handling, a comfortable and high-tech interior, and gets high marks across the board. An all around fantastic option!

2014 Mazda32 

Over at Consumer Reports, the 2014 Mazda 3 is one of the better options for cars under $10,000. With around 33 MPG, this car gets high marks in fuel economy and reliability. It also feels great to drive, with swift acceleration and excellent handling while driving on the road. The Mazda 3 is a great model that is still being made to this day, so shop around and see what other years you can get for under $10,000.

2012 Honda Civic3

Since the 1970s, the Honda Civic has been a practical and reliable option for drivers who want a car that has exceptional value. The 2012 Honda Civic is the model that you’ll most likely find for under $10,000, but it’s still a great car. There are both hybrid and gas versions of this vehicle — both with excellent fuel economy. Kelley Blue Book also notes that this car feels more spacious and comfortable on the inside compared to other sedans. 


Volkswagen GTI1

With a budget of $14,000, the Volkswagen GTI fits perfectly into your price range. As US News & World Reports #1 option for small cars $14k and up, this compact car gets high marks for its powerful engine, dynamic handling, spacious cabin, and surprising amount of cargo space. It also gets high marks for safety and performance. Prices between model years may vary, but the sweet spot for around $14k is 2016/2017. 

2016-17 Toyota Prius2

The Toyota Prius may catch a fair share of criticisms for not going fully electric, but it’s still a comfortable and reliable vehicle that has an excellent 41 MPG. Consumer Reports marks this hybrid as one of the best options for around $14,000. The 2016 model is known for more cargo space and a roomier rear space for more passenger comfort. 

Best Used Midsize Cars

Under $15,000

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid1

At around $15,000, the 2010 Ford Fusion has one of the top class options on the market, according to US News & World Reports. This hybrid has great fuel economy (41 city / 36 hwy), a comfortable interior, and great safety scores. This is one of the best used midsize cars that you can get for under $15k. 

2015-17 Mazda62

We covered the Mazda 3 above, but the Mazda 6 is also a fantastic model that’s generally fairly priced under $15,000 for model years 2015 to 2017. Consumer Reports notes this as a sporty alternative to the classic midsize sedan, with responsive steering and handling while driving on the road. 

2018 Honda Civic3

Kelley Blue Book says the 2018 Honda Civic is an all-around great car for anyone who doesn’t need an SUV. This newer midsize sedan is fuel-efficient, spacious, and has a pretty comfortable ride. It gets high marks for fuel economy and is very easy to find at a great price just about anywhere. 


2018 Toyota Camry1

At over $15k, your options open up to include the 2018 Toyota Camry, US News & World Reports’ #1 option for 2018 affordable midsize cars. This vehicle gets high reviews for its impressive safety features, fuel-efficient engine, and enjoyable driving experience. With high performance ratings and a relatively low cost of ownership, there are a lot of reasons to pick this model as your choice for a midsize sedan. 

2017 Honda Accord2

A reliable option throughout the years, the 2017 Honda Accord is the sweet spot for a reliable midsize sedan at a little over $15,000. Reviews for the 2017 Accord say that the interior is comfortable and roomy, with surprisingly smooth and responsive handling. Overall, this model gets high marks across the board and is available in several editions depending on the features you prioritize in your car. 

Best Large Used Cars

Under $15,000

2010 Toyota Avalon1 and 2013 Toyota Avalon3

U.S. News & World Reports reviewers say that the 2010 Toyota Avalon feels like a luxury car on the inside, despite being under $15,000 on average. This larger sedan is fuel-efficient and has great safety scores alongside that comfortable interior. The newer 2013 Toyota Avalon may also be in your price range and was completely redesigned over the older models with new vehicle tech and a hybrid option. 

2014-15 Honda Accord Hybrid2

Consumer Reports puts the Honda Accord Hybrid as the top larger midsize sedan option. This vehicle has quick acceleration and responsive handling while driving. Also having high reliability scores great fuel economy, the 2014 and 2015 models can be found at under $15,000. 


2018 Buick LaCrosse1

U.S. News & World Reports has the 2018 Buick LaCrosse as the top option for large cars. Just at a quick glance, you can see how comfortable and luxurious the inside of this car is. It’s also reliable and gets around 20-25 city MPG / 29-35 highway MPG.  

2018-19 Acura TLX2

For your $20,000+ larger car, consider the Acura TLX as an option for its powerful engine, comfortable cabin, and all-wheel-drive option. Both the 2018 and 2019 models can be found at a price point of around $20,000. 

Best Value Tires for Used Cars*

Do dealers put new tires on used cars? Not always. You can check the sidewall for tire codes to find out where and when the tire was made. You can also check the tire tread depth to approximate when you'll need to replace the tires.

We’ve listed great driving performance and handling for a lot of the above options, but your car’s driving performance will really only be as good as your tires. When buying a used car, you’ve got to keep a close eye on the quality of the tires that you’re purchasing, as there’s a good chance they might be old or worn out. Still, sometimes an older set of tires isn’t a dealbreaker for a great deal. 

We’ve compiled this list of good value, affordable tires for your used car. 

Achilles Touring Sport AS achilles touring sport all season best tire for used cars

Starting around $301.80 for a set (depending on tire size), the Achilles Touring Sport AS comes with a 55,000-mile manufacturer’s limited warranty and is known for its quiet ride and precise handling in both wet and dry conditions. 

crossmax ct-1 performance all season tire for used carsCrossmax CT-1 and Crossmax CHTS-1 

Crossmax’s CT-1 performance all-season tire starts at $270.80 (depending on tire size) for a full set, and comes with a 60,000-mile manufacturer’s limited warranty. This all-season performance tire has a quieter ride and a high treadwear rating for a longer lifetime. You’ll get an all-season grip and fair wet traction with this tire’s four circumferential grooves. For your larger used car, such as the Buick LaCrosse, consider the CHTS-1. 

Ironman GR906 and Ironman iMOVE Gen2 AS ironman imove gen 2 all season tire, best tire for used cars

These two Ironman options, the GR906 and the iMOVE Gen2 AS, start around $374.64 and $411.52, respectively, based on tire size. These tires are known for better grip and traction on wet, snowy, and slushy surfaces as well as better ride comfort. If you live in an area that experiences heavier winters or expect to go through mud, the iMOVE Gen2 AS will be the best option. 

kelly edge sport is a good all season replacement tire for used carsKelly Edge Sport 

The Kelly Edge Sport is an all-season performance tire that’s built for both value and dependability. This tire is meant for sportier vehicles and has a 45,000-mile manufacturer’s limited warranty. With a 500 UTQG treadwear rating, this tire tends to last longer than the average all-season performance tire. Four Kelly Edge Sport tires start at about $616.36 for a set. 

maxxis ma-202 touring all season tire, best tire for used cars

Maxxis MA-202 

This touring all-season tire comes with a 50,000-mile manufacturer’s limited warranty. Meant for better stability and drive comfort at high speed, it features circumferential grooves to reduce the risk of hydroplaning. It also has a spiral nylon wrap for better strength and performance. A full set of Maxxis MA-202s will start at about $298.32. 

best replacement tire for used car starfire solarus all seasonStarfire Solarus AS

Cooper Tires, the manufacturer of Solarus AS, is known for great value tires. This all-season touring tire starts around $492.76 for a full set and comes with a 50,000-mile manufacturer’s limited warranty. Its construction comes with a solid center rib for more stability and control, as well as a variable pitch tread that helps reduce road noise even at high speeds. 

*Most of the tires in this list have a wide range of sizes and will fit the majority, if not all, the used cars listed here. However, tire sizes vary based on the manufacturers' trim levels and any aftermarket alterations to the vehicle's wheel sizes. Always verify the size of your vehicle's wheels tire sizes (check all four), and use Tire Agent's tire-matching platform to find the right replacement tires for your used car. Select Shop Tires and Wheels from any page to get started.


What Is The Best Used Car to Buy Now?

You'll notice that a lot of the same brands' names pop up in the highest rated used cars: Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Ford, to name a few. We used Consumer Reports, US News & World Report and Kelly Blue Book for our research, but there are several other good sources to consult -- including sites where drivers submit their reviews. 

Before you buy a used car, read our guide to used-car shopping. We describe the different types of places you can buy used cars, when it's the best time of year to shop for used cars, and more.

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