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Eco-Friendly Tires: Are They Worth It? What We Know in 2024

By Tire Agent Staff

June 24, 2024

are eco friendly tires worth it.webpThis post looks at five brands that seem to be leading the way with eco-friendly tires:

These are not the only brands that are innovating with green technologies, but they are examples of brands that are devoting resources and communicating about their sustainability efforts. 

What is a Green Tire? 

What are eco-friendly tires? Who makes and sells eco-friendly tires? The tire industry is making improvements to reduce carbon emissions and create "green" tires. The question of eco-friendliness pertains not only to the manufacturing process but also to what happens on the road (how tires contribute to fuel efficiency and, to a lesser extent, pollution caused by tire dust). 

Read on for a look at several tires that are both green and eco-friendly. Click here if you're interested in fuel-efficient tires.

“Green” tires are made from materials such as sustainably sourced rubber, recycled components, plant-based oils (such as soybean), and bio-based fillers. These factors combined with eco production methods like pyrolysis (a process that breaks down tires into valuable resources such as steel, carbon black and oil) contribute to low rolling resistance and lower CO2 emissions. 

Environmental impact of eco-friendlier tires

      • In addition to being more environmentally friendly, green tires require less energy for movement, which can help cut down a vehicle’s CO2 emissions. By choosing eco-friendly materials over petroleum-based ones, the overall environmental impact of the tires' life cycle is believed to be minimized.

Performance of 'green' tires

      • Manufacturers hope that the use of materials, low rolling resistance (LRR) and innovative tread designs will improve safety and dependability in normal driving situations.


      • Manufactured with sustainable materials and advanced techniques, it's hoped that eco-friendly tires will increase longevity and durability, which means you won't need to replace tires as often. This could lead to enhanced fuel efficiency (up to 8%, according to one chemical company) resulting in cost savings for consumers. The reduced tire wear and improved fuel efficiency would alleviate strain on the engine, thereby decreasing repair and maintenance costs.

Examples of Environmentally Friendlier Tires

1. Bridgestone

bridgestone ecopia ep 422.webpBridgestone in 2023 announced that they're developing a tire made from 75% recycled materials, with plans to develop tires made from 90% recycled materials (Bridgestone's sustainability statement). The company’s Ecopia tire line is made with recycled rubber, minimizing wasted energy during use, contributing to environmental sustainability and cost savings for consumers. Bridgestone has stated it aims for its tires to be entirely made from renewable, recycled, or bio-sourced materials as part of its long-term sustainability strategy, supporting the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments.

Shop Tire Agent for Bridgestone Ecopia tires:

2. Continental 

continental crosscontact lx20 eco plus technology.webpContinental focuses on sustainability and performance with UltraContact NXT and CrossContact LX20 (EcoPlus Technology). The UltraContact NXT, Continental's "most sustainable tire," incorporates up to 65% recycled materials while the CrossContact LX20, with EcoPlus Technology, use polymers to enhance wet braking performance and fuel efficiency. These innovations not only reduce the impact of the tires on the environment but also contribute to extended tread life and minimized rubber waste. Continental is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions in their operations and products by enhancing recycling processes and using eco materials.

Shop Tire Agent for Continental tires:

3. Hankook

hankook kinergy pt H737.jpgHankook Tire integrates advanced technology and sustainable practices, such as the company’s E.Circle strategy (recycle, renewable, reuse, and reduce) to the entire lifecycle of its green tire lineup. With a goal of using 100% sustainable raw materials by 2050, Hankook says it is committed to creating eco-friendly products, such as the Kinergy ST H735, Kinergy PT H737, and Kinergy GT H436B (run flat).

Shop Tire Agent for Hankook Kinergy: 

      • Kinergy ST H735: long tread life, balanced performance, increased fuel efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions (and an impressive 70k-mile warranty)*
      • Kinergy PT H737: low rolling resistance, prolonged durability, improve fuel efficiency, lower pollutants (and an even more impressive 90-k mile warranty)
      • Kinergy GT H436B (Runflat): advanced polymers, high-grip silica compounds, excellent wet traction and winter performance

4. Michelin

michelin energy saver as.jpgMichelin incorporates state-of-the-art technology and the company’s “all sustainable” approach in manufacturing its tires. Designed to enhance fuel efficiency and prolong tread life, the Energy Saver A/S reduces CO2 emissions and frequent tire replacements, while the all-season Energy LX4 tire reduces vibration and road noise, and provides greater fuel efficiency. To reduce the tire's environmental impact over its lifetime, Michelin says it places a high priority on eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge technologies. A notable illustration is the company's VISION concept, which places a strong emphasis on using as many recyclable, bio-based, and renewable components as possible. The company's goals of lowering carbon emissions and advancing a circular economy are in line with this approach, which also supports sustainability.

Shop Tire Agent for Michelin Energy:

      • Energy Saver A/S: reduced CO2 emissions, longer tread life*
      • Energy LX4: reduced vibration, reduced road noise, greater fuel efficiency

5. Pirelli

pirelli cinturato p7 as plus.webpPirelli employs cutting-edge technology, environmentally friendly practices, and sustainable materials in its tire manufacturing, represented by the P Zero E. In the current U.S. market, Pirelli's Cinturato tire line features lower rolling resistance and reduced CO2 emissions.  

In its 2024-25 industrial plan update, the tire maker prioritizes using bio-based and recycled components, ensuring that at least 50% of its materials are environmentally friendly. With a strong focus on materials and cutting-edge technologies, Pirelli is committed to enhancing the sustainability of its products. This dedication also aligns with Pirelli's broader environmental objectives, including the reduction of carbon emissions and the promotion of resource efficiency.

Shop Tire Agenty for Pirelli Cinturato:

Are Eco-Friendly Tires Worth It?

The automotive industry continues to embrace sustainable manufacturing practices by researching and developing eco-friendly materials, adopting energy-efficient manufacturing processes, and developing electric and hybrid vehicles.

Despite these changes, cost remains a concern for many consumers. The high price of EVs, averaging around $55,000 (which is about $11,000 more than traditional gas powered cars, according to Kelly Blue Book) and reaching over $100,000, is cost-prohibitive for average consumers. However, sustainable innovations like eco-friendly tires are being designed to reduce environmental impact and offer cost-effective ways to be green and economical.

Eco-friendly tires may be worth it, depending on your driving habits, budget, and vehicle type. Although the technology is still being developed and the true definition of "eco friendly" is being defined, there are options for drivers who want to increase fuel efficiency and lower negative environmental impacts. These tires can be a worthwhile option for environmentally conscious drivers, and sustainable materials may be a popular trend in the future. 

If you're interested in getting the best set of tires for your vehicle, and budget is a concern, you may be interested in Tire Agent's payment plans. We've partnered with several companies that offer easy payment plans, even if your credit score is a concern. 


*Tires listed on this page are not necessarily “eco-friendly”; they're examples of products that employ materials or manufacturing processes that are designed to reduce waste and promote sustainability efforts. 

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