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Best After-Market Rims for Your Jeep Wrangler

By Tire Agent Staff

January 31, 2024


Jeep owners are a discerning bunch, making mods to their rides to express their individuality, and we're here for it. We've got warehouses stocked with the best-looking wheels for your Jeep Wrangler, and this post highlights some of the best brands for after-market Jeep rims.


This is a list of some of our favorite off-road after-market rims for Jeep Wranglers, and we've included the estimated price for a full set of 5 Jeep Wrangler rims, size 20x9 with 0 mm offset, to give a rough idea of each brand's prices.

*Prices listed are subject to change and when you buy online from Tire Agent, we ship anywhere in the continental U.S. for free.   

4 Best Off-Road Jeep Wheel Brands 

Cali Off-Road undefined

Unleash a new level of sophistication with the Cali Off-Road Summit. Elevate your Jeep's visual appeal with this meticulously crafted wheel that blends elegance and performance. The Summit's distinctive design enhances your ride's aesthetic and embodies the pinnacle of premium quality synonymous with the Cali Off-Road brand. Wrangler enthusiasts will appreciate Cali Off-Road's options in finishes, bolt patterns, spokes and offset.

*$2,280 for five 20x9, 0mm offset Cali Off-Road Summit

Thret OffRoad undefined

Thret OffRoad Revolver rims are meticulously crafted by a family owned and operated company renowned for its dedication to excellence. With their distinctive design, these rims elevate your Jeep's style and set it apart from the crowd. Thret OffRoad offers a non-nonsense, straight-forward aggressive rim in gloss black and gloss black milled. 

*$1,400 for a full set of five 20x9, 0mm offset Thret OffRoad Revolver

Mayhem Wheels


Style and precision with Mayhem Wheels — a brand dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality and functionality for off-roading. Tailored for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, Mayhem offers a diverse range of sizes and fitments, ensuring your ride stands out with an unmistakable custom look. If you want options, Mayhem is a good place to start. Pictured here are Mayhem Compass Wheels.  

*$1,450 for a full set of five 20x9, 0mm offset Mayhem Compass rims

Black Rhino Hard Alloys undefined

Black Rhino Hard Alloys offers so many options for Jeep Wranglers (and off-road vehicles) that you'll lose yourself as you shop. They offer some of the best-looking, most rugged options for after-market rims. For an example of the brand's off-road toughness, check out Black Rhino Kelso. Engineered with a rugged monoblock construction, this rim conquers challenging terrains and is a visual masterpiece. The Kelso reimagines the classic split-spoke design, adding a unique twist that sets it apart from the ordinary. The Black Rhino etched simulated beadlock ring provides an extra layer of distinction. 

*$2,055 for a full set of five 20x9, 0mm offset Black Rhino Kelso in matte black

Best Brand With Most Options for Jeeps

Fuel Off-Road

You want a Jeep Wrangler rim maker that offers tons of options? Fuel Off-Road certainly will. With nearly 200 wheel styles, Jeep owners will be able to create a unique off-road experience and personal aesthetic. Since its inception in 2009 by MHT Luxury Alloys, Fuel Off-Road has been a beacon for off-road enthusiasts. With cutting-edge designs, precise fitments, and technological prowess, Fuel Off-Road continues to capture the imagination of those who crave the untamed path. As a pioneer in the field, Fuel Off-Road is a testament to trust and time-tested excellence.

fuel offroad twitch for jeeps.webpundefinedfuel vapor rim for jeeps.webpfuel rincon rim for jeep wrangler.webp

 Here are some of the best options with estimated prices* for 5 rims, size 20x9 (pictured left to right):

4 Off-Road Jeep Wheel Brands Worth Considering

Moto Metal undefined

Coming in as a mid-price after-market Jeep Wrangler wheel brand is Moto Metal, inspired by motocross culture in Southern Cali. The Moto Metal Spider is lightweight, yet tough enough to handle the toughest trails. 

Vision Off-Road


Vision Off-Road 404 wheels — the ultimate statement in off-road performance. Battle-tested and triumphant in the world's most challenging off-road races, including the iconic Baja 1000 and Mint 400, these wheels are forged for extreme conditions. Vision Off-Road wheels are not just a style choice; they embody a legacy of resilience and durability, ensuring they're always prepared for your next off-road challenge.

*$1,546 for a full set of five 20x9, 0mm offset

XF Off-Road undefined

Setting the pace for innovation, XF Off-Road consistently raises the bar by unveiling new designs, pioneering features, and technologies, solidifying its position as the go-to choice for off-road enthusiasts. Among its stellar lineup, the XF Off-Road 233 is a fantastic choice for Jeep owners, embodying its commitment to excellence. (Psst! Don't miss its interesting spoke pattern.)

*$1,706 for a full set of five 20x9, 0mm offset

OE Performance undefined

Ride with confidence and authenticity with OE Performance wheels — the go-to choice for dedicated drivers everywhere who are on a budget. The OE Performance 137S rim embodies a commitment to performance, consistently delivering outstanding quality and unmatched style at an affordable price point.

*$1,130 for a full set of five 20x9, 0mm offset

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