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Best Tires for Minivans

By Tire Agent Staff

November 24, 2023


(This post was originally published on June 23, 2023)

Minivans have built a reputation for being the best vehicle to fit the whole family comfortably. This is because they have better gas mileage than SUVs and far more seating room. Hence, they've earned a reputation as a mom- or dad-mobile. But you don’t have to be a parent to have a minivan. Today's minivans have sportier designs (Toyota Sienna, for example).

Minivans offer more practicality than trucks or SUVs, as they have the versatility of having either extended cargo room or more passenger seats. If you’re looking for a smaller commercial vehicle, a minivan can be the most practical and cost-effective choice. 

      • Chrysler Pacifica & Pacifica Hybrid
      • Chrysler Voyager
      • Honda Odyssey
      • Kia Carnival
      • Toyota Sienna


Photo source: photo gallery 

No matter how you’re looking to use a minivan, though, you’re going to have to think about what tires to get. We’ve compiled this list of some of our top-rated minivan tires, depending on what you value in your tires. Looking for tire recommendations for a sprinter van? We got that too.

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Minivan Tire Size

Tire Agent’s tire matching tool makes it easier to search for the tires perfect for your vehicle. The easiest way to find out what tires are suitable for your vehicle is to check the inside of the frame of the driver’s side door. A placard will provide quick information about your vehicle’s load capacity, as well as what kind of tires are suitable for your vehicle. For example, your information panel may say: P225/49R18 90S

Sounds complicated, right? Well, this is actually easy to break down! 

P205: The recommended width, in millimeters, of your tire.

40: The aspect ratio of your tire. AKA the height/width.

R: Radial construction.

18: The recommended diameter, in inches, of your tire. Sometimes, this is simply referred to as “size”.

90S: The recommended speed capability your tire should have.

Once you know this, you can head over to Tire Agent’s tire matching tool and shop by tire size. The size refers to the diameter. In the above case, your size would be 18. You’ll then have to answer some additional questions using the tire and loading information panel to find the correct tire. 

Best Fuel-Efficient Tires for Minivans

michelin energy saver as best tire fo... Michelin Energy Saver A/S

Minivans already average better gas mileage than other utility vehicles, so the Michelin Energy Saver A/S is a natural choice. Whether you’re on the highway or the city, the Energy Saver is designed to distribute weight evenly across the tire for low rolling resistance and low road noise. The tread is constructed with a silica-based compound for better traction and grip for all-season performance. The Energy Saver A/S will also have a very long tread life. 

The Michelin Energy Saver A/S is available in 16” to 18” diameters and has a 65k mileage warranty. Prices start at $181 per tire.*

undefined Nexen Aria AH7

Nexen’s Aria NH7 tire is considered a touring tire, meaning it’s meant for everyday, all-season use. However, the tire was designed for low road resistance and noise, which will mean great fuel efficiency. Nexen also provides road hazard protection and roadside assistance in its warranty.

The Nexen Aria AH7 is available in 15” to 18” diameters and has an excellent 80k mileage warranty. Prices start at $187 per tire.

Best Touring All-Season Tire for Minivans

michelin crossclimate2.png Michelin CrossClimate2

For repeated, everyday road use year-round, the CrossClimate2 will be one of the best options available. With its V-formation tread design, the tire will have longer tread life and better road traction than its competitors. The CrossClimate2’s unique tread design means it will perform well in any condition, as water and debris will be channeled and expelled to the side as you drive. Considered an all-weather tire, the CrossClimate2 is one of the best winter tires for minivans and driving in the snow. 

The Michelin CrossClimate2 is available in 16” to 20” diameters and has a 60k mileage warranty. Prices start at $166 per tire.

undefined Cooper CS5 Ultra-Touring

The CS5 offers fantastic handling and comfort on a budget. With the CS5, you’ll get an excellent wet and dry grip with a quiet and responsive drive. This tire also has unique interconnecting tread blocks that add stability and longevity to the treads. The single-ply polyester casing will also maintain responsiveness during cornering. Cooper has a confident 70k mileage warranty for the sporty CS5.

The Cooper CS5 Ultra-Touring is available in 15” to 20” diameters and has a 70k mileage warranty. Prices start at $110 per tire.

Best Budget Minivan Tire

undefined Crossmax CT-1 touring all season

Meant for the longest drives, this impressive tire is built for better tread life and perfect highway comfort. This model has many features that make it suitable for a variety of different road conditions. Skid grip, shock absorption, better traction control, and anti-aquaplaning ability are all features that make this tire perform excellently in wet conditions. 

The Crossmax CT-1 is available in 14” to 19” diameters and has a 60k mileage warranty. Prices start at $123 per tire. 

general ALTIMAX-365AW.webp General AltiMAX RT43

If budget is king above all else, the AltiMAX RT43 tire is the right choice for you. This tire doesn’t sacrifice performance for budget, however, and will have low road noise and responsive handling in wet and dry conditions. This model has a good mileage warranty and starts at under $100 per tire, which is a tough price point to compete with.

The General AltiMAX RT43 is available in 13” to 20” diameters and has a 75k mileage warranty. Prices start at $95 per tire.

hankook kinergy pt H737.jpg Kinergy PT H737

Sometimes affordability is king and Hankook's Kinergy PT H737 earns its crown. The PT H737 is a touring all-season tire, meaning you’ll have good performance, no matter what season you’re in. With stiff, durable tread blocks, you’ll also have great handling and fuel efficiency. Kinergy offers a strong 90k mileage warranty.

The Kinergy PT H737 is available in 15” to 18” diameters and has a 90k mileage warranty. Prices start at $120 per tire.

undefined Otani EK1000

Explicitly designed for passenger vehicles, the Otani EK1000 features low rolling resistance while on the road and highway. This means that this tire will have a longer life, better gas mileage, and more ride comfort in this condition. It also features excellent all-season performance so that you can use these tires year-round. 

The Otani EK-1000 is available in 14” to 18” diameters and starts at $114 per tire. 

Best Minivan Tire for Highway Miles

undefined Bridgestone DriveGuard

The best feature of the Bridgestone’s DriveGuard tire is that it’s a run-flat. This means that if you get a puncture and lose all tire pressure on a long stretch of deserted highway, you’ll be able to confidently drive up to 50 miles at 50 mph. Bridgestone achieves this with twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon on rayon cording to support the vehicle. The DriveGuard also has an asymmetrical, silica-enhanced tread for better all-season performance. 

The Bridgestone DriveGuard is available in 15” to 20” diameters and has a 60k mileage warranty. Prices start at $177 per tire.

Best Tire for Comfort Rides in a Minivan

undefined Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

The iconic Goodyear brand also happens to produce one of the most comfortable passenger vehicle tires on the market. This tire’s innovative tread pattern is designed to minimize road noise and maximize ride comfort. This is also achieved through Goodyear’s ComfortFlex technology that is designed for better impact absorption and smoother handling. This is an impressive tire to drive on and performs well in all seasonal conditions. 

The Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive is available in 16” to 20” diameters and has a 60k mileage warranty. Prices start at $236.47 per tire. 

Best Luxury Touring Tire for Minivans

pirelli cinturato p7 best tire for sm... Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season

You may recognize the Pirelli name as the official tire sponsor of Formula 1 racing. These tires live up to the name, with all-season traction and comfortable handling and responsiveness. Pirelli’s Cinturato P7 tires have long-lasting treads that will wear remarkably evenly across all four tires. If you’re looking for some of the best tires available on the market, the P7 all seasons are the right choice.

The Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season is available in 16” to 21” diameters and has a 70k mileage warranty. Prices start at $170 per tire.

continental truecontact tour.webp Continental TrueContact Tour

The TrueContact Tour tires by Continental are tough, versatile, and designed for better gas mileage and treadwear than their peers. These tires also have enhanced ride comfort with temperature-activated, polymer treads that will do well in any weather condition. All around, the TrueContact Tour is one of the best, most fuel-efficient tires on the market. 

The Continental TrueContact Tour is available in 15” to 20” diameters and has an excellent 80k mileage warranty. Prices start at $123 per tire. 

Minivan Tires With Best Warranties

goodyear assurance as for small cars.jpg Goodyear Assurance All-Season

The Goodyear Assurance All-Season will put your mind at ease while on the road. This long-lasting tire is designed for longer tread life while on the road and highway in a city. With low rolling resistance and better gas mileage, you’ll spend less time worrying about your tires and more time enjoying your drive. The biting, all-season edges assure that you’ll be able to drive on these tires regardless of weather condition. 

The Goodyear Assurance All-Season tire is available in 14” to 20” diameters and has a 65k mileage warranty. Prices start at $182 per tire.

undefined Kumho Crugen HP71

This tire is designed for better performance in traction in the most difficult of circumstances. With wide grooves in the tread, water will be expelled from this tire to reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Deep sipes and lateral voids ensure that all snow and slush is quickly evacuated during those tough winter conditions. With additional state-of-the-art technology that emphasizes safety, comfort, and performance, this is an excellent choice for a tire. 

The Kumho Crugen HP71 starts at $174 per tire with a 65k mileage warranty and additional road hazard protection.

Best All Terrain Tires for Minivans

yokohama geolander at tire.webp Yokohama Geolander A/T G015

This aggressive-looking tire isn’t all bark. With extra-durable sidewalls to protect the sides of this tire, a full nylon cover to increase stability, and 3D sipes for maximum traction, this tire will be able to attack the toughest of terrains. The Geolander A/T G015 proudly sports the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol, indicating that it can handle the harshest of winter conditions. What makes this tire additionally impressive is the staggered treads that are constructed to prevent excessive vibration and noise while driving on normal roads. Because of its all-terrain construction, however, this might not be the quietest tire for a minivan. 

The Yokohama Geolander A/T G015 is available in 15” to 22” diameters and has a 60k mileage warranty. Prices start at $218 per tire.

*Prices and warranties are subject to change

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