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Do New Tires & Rims Make Good Gifts?

By Tire Agent Staff

December 04, 2023

She asked for something round and shiny for her birthday (or Christmas or Valentine's Day...) and your first thought was, "hyper chrome Konigs for her Infiniti." undefined

Really, dude?

As an online seller of tires and wheels, you’d think we’d say, “Go for it!” But trust us, there’s a time and a place for giving the gift of new tires and wheels. 

Rule #1: If you ask your intended what he/she wants for his/her birthday/Christmas/anniversary, and he/she says, “I want new tires,” then it is 100% OK to gift tires. If a bride and groom include new tires and rims on their wedding registry, then it is 100% OK to gift them tires. If a new graduate says, What I’d really like for graduation is a new set of tires, then it is 100% ok to give them tires. 

You see where we are going with this? If someone specifically says, “I want new tires,” it is ok to buy them. These are pragmatic people who appreciate practical gifts like a quality set of tires or after-market wheels.  

Rule #2: If your intended mentions casually that he/she needs new tires, this is not an invitation to gift them. It’s a statement. Same goes for brides and grooms to-be and soon-to-be-grads: You may know for a fact that they have a crappy car with old tires, but when it comes to gifting, they’re more of the “buy me something I’d never get myself.” Not tires.   

When is it OK to gift tires? 

Tires and Wheels Do Make Good Gifts If ... ultra 103mx103xtreme beadlock style.png

Car enthusiasts: You've got a car enthusiast on your gift list. They've been salivating over beadlocks for their off-roading adventures or they're drooling over Moto Metal deep dish rims. For the person in your life who's all about mods and aftermarket upgrades, they will be delighted to receive such a practical yet aesthetically pleasing splurge.

Your kid is broke: Let's say you've got a kid who's about to head off to college, and you want to ensure they've got a solid set of wheels and tires. Perfect opportunity! They may have wanted cash, but when you remind them how many hours they'll need to work at their food service job to earn enough for new tires and rims ... they'll get the point. The point is, someone who's broke and needs new tires and/or wheels is an ideal recipient for your generous gift, and we've got some very cool tire payment options that will help offset the cost. moto metal mo806.webp

Your significant other is hyper-practical: If your significant other is a minimalist, extremely pragmatic, or specifically says, "I want new tires for my birthday," then you're safe. In all of these scenarios, giving the gift of new tires and rims is perfectly acceptable. 


Tires and Wheels Don't Make Good Gifts If ... 

Your significant other is idealistic: Remember when you first met, and she said told you the story about the time her dad gave her mom an electric onion chopper for her birthday and mom cried and didn't speak to dad for 2 weeks? There's a reason for that story. Some people (men and women) view practical gifts as insults. They don't want appliances for Christmas, nor do they want car tires or rims. Holidays are meant for impractical gifts and splurges, not utility. 

They specifically asked for something else: They said they wanted cash for their honeymoon to Europe or a gift card for their favorite home furnishing store, but you ignored them and got them what they needed? Tires AND new rims? If this happens to you, here's what you do: "Oh, you thought I bought these tires for [fill in holiday]? No, I bought these for you JUST BECAUSE. Here’s some cash." us mag indy wheels.webp

That said, you may be able to win them over with a stunning set of US Mags or ultra-high performance Pirellis, but make sure you've got something they'll love to go with it: A road trip to the Smokey Mountains, a bottle of their fave bubbly, and an original love poem written by you (they'll never know you used ChatGPT).

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Disappointed girlfriend photo: Photo 60311737 | Bad Gift | Vladimirfloyd |