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Cooper All-Season Tires

As one of the top choices for replacement tires, Cooper’s bread and butter is all-season tires. Cooper all-season tires come in touring and all terrain models and are designed to keep you on the road. The treadwear rating on all their all-season tires is above average, and their price is significantly lower than competitors like Michelin and Goodyear. Cooper tires puts an emphasis on safety, so their all-season tires handle favorably in wet, dry, warm and cold weather. Good all-season tires are meant to get you where you’re going comfortably and reliably, and Cooper delivers. 


Tread Type

Average Wear Rating

Category Average

All Season



Touring All Season



All Terrain All Season



Based on USDOT UTQG ratings — uniform tire quality grading — on a scale of 100 to 1,000. *Not all tires are UTQG rated. 

Cooper All-Season Tires For Passenger Cars & Minivans

As the name of the Trendsetter implies, this all-season tire is intended for old an slate-model passenger vehicles and cars, offering a classic look. 

Cooper All-Season Touring Tires For Passenger Cars & Minivans

The difference between Cooper CS5 GT and UT is in the handling; expect superior stability from the ultra touring. For a more fuel-efficient tire, see Evolution Tour. 

Cooper All-Season Tires For Sport SUVs & Light Trucks

Here you will find all-season tire choices for SUVs and LT (light trucks) from Cooper’s all-season lineup, including Discoverer all season tires.