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Performance Tires from General Tire

When you need a performance tire for your sports car, muscle car or coupe, look for one that offers exceptional handling and grip. General Tire’s smart grip technology infuses its rubber with the ability to grip well on wet or dry pavement. Performance tires should handle like a race car, cornering smoothly and offering handling and stability at higher speeds.  


Tread Type

Average Wear Rating

Category Average

Performance All Season



Performance Summer



Based on USDOT UTQG ratings — uniform tire quality grading — on a scale of 100 to 1,000. *Not all tires are UTQG rated. 

General All-Season Performance Tires For Muscle Cars

G-MAX all-season tires come with a 50,000 limited treadwear warranty from General Tire. The AS05 is an ultra-high performance tire for sports cars that looks good and handles well on wet or dry surfaces.

General Summer Performance Tires For Sports Cars

The G-MAX RS tire from General Tire offers “smart grip technology” and a nifty built-in replacement tire monitor that shows the words “replace tire” when the tread wears down. The larger footprint of this tire allows for better grip, and its tread design offers stability at high speeds, plus wet grip so you feel safer.