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Kelly All-Season Tires 

Kelly Tires offers high-quality all-season tires that consumers can trust to perform well all year long under most driving conditions. They feature rubber and tread patterns designed to deliver a safe and reliable driving experience in most weather conditions, including on wet roads and in light snow. Solid all-year, all-season performance makes Kelly Tires a great choice for typical drivers in just about any environment. Manufactured by trusted tire company Goodyear, Kelly Tire's all-season selections hit the sweet spot between economy and performance. Able to deliver superior handling and performance under a range of driving conditions, consumers from nearly every part of the US can use them all year long. And with impressive treadwear ratings, you might be surprised at just how long you can go without needing to replace your all-season Kelly Tires.

All Season


Tread Type

Average Wear Rating

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All Season



Based on USDOT UTQG ratings — uniform tire quality grading — on a scale of 100 to 1,000. *Not all tires are UTQG rated. 

Kelly All Season Tires For Sport SUVs & Light Trucks