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Thunderer All Terrain and Mud Terrain Tires

One of the newer tire brands, Thunderer tires are specifically designed for North American roads. This Thai-made tire brand offers two options for Tire Agent’s off-roading and all-terrain drivers: The Ranger A/T R404 and the Trac Grip M/T R408, both of which we cover on this page. 

All Terrain


Tread Type

Average Wear Rating

Category Average

All Terrain



Mud Terrain 



Based on USDOT UTQG ratings — uniform tire quality grading — on a scale of 100 to 1,000. *Not all tires are UTQG rated.

Thunderer All Terrain Tires for Light Trucks and SUVs

As with a lot of tires in the all-terrain category, drivers and riders give up a little comfort and quiet in favor of improved off-road grip. The Ranger A/T R404 is no exception, although it’s not the noisiest all-terrain tire in its class. Offering superb on- and off-road handling, this tire has improved traction and wet/muddy/icy braking. Its engineered for light truck applications requiring 6-ply and 10-ply ratings, providing better grip when off-road, and the deep grooves help channel snow and rain for better all-weather traction. 

Thunderer Mud-Terrain Tires for Light Trucks and SUVs

Serious off-roaders need to check out Thunderer’s Trac Grip M/T R408 tires. This tire is engineered for aggressive drivers and tough terrain! Its rugged construction is ready to take on anything — mud, loose stone, gravel, sand and slush. Bring it on. Don’t expect a comfy, quiet highway ride from this (or any) mud-terrain tire, though. It’s truly built for trucks and SUVs that spend the majority of their time off road and on unconventional surfaces.