How to Buy Tires with a Low or no FICO Credit Score

By Tire Agent Staff

November 02, 2018


If you thought that “buy now, pay later” didn’t exist for people looking to buy tires with low credit scores, guess again. Purchasing new tires just became possible and affordable due to flexible payment options that help people with low or no FICO credit score. Yes, that’s what we said-- low or NO credit score buyers can be approved. Applying for these plans will not affect or harm your existing credit score, because only a soft credit check is performed, which is why you receive your decision instantly. 

The ultimate guide to buying tires with low or no credit

Financing your tire purchase is easy, secure, and takes very little time because you receive an approval decision instantly. Never get discouraged because you can apply for more than one payment plan if your first choice is denied without the worry of it affecting your credit score.

So-- you may be wondering, “what are these payment plans?” The answer is simple. Businesses in other industries are partnering up with third party finance companies such as Zibby and Sezzle; and Tire Agent is bringing these payment plan options to the table as well.

The process is straightforward and hassle free- when on the product page of the Tire Agent website, you effortlessly click the payment plan you want to apply for. Once you click to apply, an access code is sent to your mobile phone and you simply enter the code to confirm your identity, answer a few quick questions and just like that your request is processed!

The breakdown:

Zibby: Zibby is a lease-to-own payment plan that offers instant approvals of up to $3,500 and caters to those with low or no credit score. Lease-to-own simply means you make recurring payments of the items you have selected. You can apply if you have no credit, bad credit, or a bankruptcy. Though everyone is not guaranteed approval,  this is a great option for those looking to finance their tire purchase with low or no credit score, and the decisions are made in 90 seconds or less. Zibby does not require any checking account information and is available for everyone to apply of the ages 18 years and older in the United States except for Minnesota, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Sezzle: With Sezzle’s simple, interest-free installment plans, your payment is broken down into four smaller payments which you can pay over the course of six weeks. You pay a 25% down payment at check out, and pay the rest over the course of the six weeks. All your information is kept completely secure, but Sezzle may ask for additional information before your approval that they use simply to verify your identity. Sezzle is great because if you need to reschedule a payment or pay at a slightly later time, they have flexible options and make it easy to change your payment date through your account. Sezzle is available for everyone to apply of the ages 18 years or older (19 years or older in Alabama) and in all 50 US states.

How it works - Steps to finance your tire purchase with a payment plan

1. Select Your Payment Plan Option at Checkout (can apply to more than one)

2. Enter A Few Pieces of Information to Verify Yourself- this will NOT affect your credit score and only a soft credit check is performed

3. Get Approved Instantly and Securely

4. Get fast and free shipping and receive your new tires within days!

Apply for Zibby or Sezzle with Tire Agent today and get your tire purchase rolling!